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Main » 2012 » October » 17 » Natural Phenomena, Awesome Time Lapse Footage (video)
9:02 PM
Natural Phenomena, Awesome Time Lapse Footage (video)

Anyone who enjoys time-lapse video footage is sure to be delighted by this five-minute video which has been captured using a Nikon D300, GoPro Hero 2 and Canon 5DMII. Sit back for 5 minutes and check it out after the jump. Enjoy!

The video has be created by time-lapse capturing master Reid Gower, who explains on the Vimeo site:

"Humans are part of the natural order. We’re risen apes that acquired language and learned to use tools. Skyscrapers and spacecraft may seem unnatural, but they’re just as much a part of the natural order as beaver dams and bird nests. Boring electrical lines hint at the energy solution of a mammalian species. Open your eyes to the world you’ve grown accustomed to, and rejoice in the fact that you can participate in the human project. – @ReidGower”

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