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New Wireless Standard 802.11ac Arriving In 2012, Bringing 3 Times More Speed

A new wireless standard is set to be launched next year that will bring 3 times the speed more speed when compared to the current fastest Wifi standard 802.11n. The new 802.11ac will transmit wireless signals on the 5Ghz band, providing a larger range, and faster throughput for multiple HD video streams and more. It will also come with a much more power for transmission through walls.

From a technical perspective a typical 3×3 array of 802.11ac antennas using an 80-MHz channel should, within an interference-free room, transmit over 1 Gbits/s. That’s about three times the throughout of 802.11n, which can transmit about 300 Mbits/s under the same conditions. Using 160-MHz channels, Patel said, the throughput could push 1.2 Gbits/s or slightly higher.

You can expect to see new devices using the new 802.11ac Wifi standard to start appearing early next year.

Source: DVICE

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