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Keepon Dancing Robot Now Available For Pre-Orders (Video)

To be honest there’s not much worth getting excited about with this robot. It’s not like it can save your life if you fall off a balcony and are hanging by your fingers. Then again, if it’s mindless diversion you want, accompanied by music, this could be a solid investment. Watch the video for proof of its awesomeness.

The Keepon Dancing Robot isn’t really much of a dancer. It sorts of wriggles and shakes its hips. Apaprently this passes for dancing in the robot world. Also, that vacuous look it’s got on those lifeless eyes… creepy. It is the kind of stare that bores into your soul, emptying its secrets.

Since people these days are susceptible to all sorts of cute, it’s no surprise that the Keepon Dancing already went viral a few times in the past. It’s also a certified bestseller once it floods different retail outlets worldwide. For North American customers, it’s available at Toys R Us. But you’ll have to wait until October before it arrives, perfect for the holiday spending spree.

Ok, here’s the video:

Source Technabob

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