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No More A Cookbox Concept Puts Microwave In A Drawer

Long story short, since miniaturization finally catches up with home living in a matter of years, seen below is a microwave functioning as a drawer. It’s NOT a drawer, however. What this clever reinvention accomplishes is clear up table or counter space where a normal microwave would probably sit.

The designer behind this interesting concept is Anoush Mortazavi. While his creation does smack of an oven, albeit a sexy oven, it’s obvious some very serious thinking went into the layout of the No More. See, when it comes to design it’s the most frill-less practical considerations that should inform how the product looks like.


Of course, being a concept, there’s not much to go by in terms of specs. But judging by the available images, this microwave has touch panels and an illuminated dial. As concepts go, this neat new spin on the microwave might not be available any time soon. If ever though, it would be a nice addition to post-futuristic kitchens.


Source Yanko Design

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