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This week at the IFA in Berlin Sony has unveiled a new product in the form of a lenticular sheet VGP-FL3D15A, a 3mm thick sheet that allows you to convert any laptop screen into a glasses-free 3D panel.

The 3mm panel can be attached to the front side of any notebook LCD panel transforming it into a glasses-free 3D display. The sheet has been developed for Sony’s Vaio VPCSE1Z9E (S series), as an optional extra. But when the new notebook is released by Sony in October...

Latest News » Techno News - 2011-09-06

One of the most popular LCD and LED display creator Samsung showcase Flexible AMOLED display.

Samsung showcase there next generation AMOLED display at CES 2011. The Flexible AMOLED display is ultra thin

Latest News » Future Mobile - 2011-08-31

Last week we heard about a new TV from Haier which features no wires and is powered without the need for a power cable, and now Haier has shown off another new TV at this years IFA, a 22 inch transparent OLED TV.

Toshiba has shown off a new glasses free 55 inch 3D HTDV at this years IFA in Berlin, The Toshiba ZL2, and according to Toshiba this is the world’s first large screen glasses free 3D TV.

Digital signage is a relatively new display category that encompasses in-store kiosks, large information displays suspended from a ceiling, touchscreens for navigating a building or store, ambient displays that show imagery or advertising, and more.

Can you imagine organizing your daily schedule with a few touches on your bathroom mirror? Chatting with far-away relatives through interactive video on your kitchen counter? Reading a classic novel on a whisper-thin piece of flexible glass?

Technology News » WEB WORLD - 2011-08-31

The University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, has converted a 3D theater into the world’s largest touchscreen, used for teaching mathematics and computer science students interactivity. The screen has a curvature of 135 degrees and is transparent.

Samsung took IFA by storm yesterday with its now-legendary "S Pen" (that Galaxy Note comes bundled), so it's only fair that LG gets its chance in the spotlight with a pen of its own. The company's Pentouch comes with a plasma TV in tow, and lets you do super-slick stuff to your productivity suite -- you can mark up Word docs, handwrite URLs in the brow...

LG is hoping to attract console gamers to its new range of 3D Cinema TV’s with the addition of their new Dual Play technology. The new Dual Play feature enables two gamers to play on the same screen without the need for split screens, allowing them to see two different views on the same screen.

As flower follows the sun so sunflover monitor turns on its axis and collects light for power.When you’re away from home, activate the sun mode. With the help of four sensors located on a monitor and an integrated joint catches the ...

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