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Some of our readers will remember the Google Nexus Q that was announced at last years Google I/O, it looks like Google may be cancelling the device as it is now shown as ‘not for sale at this time’ on Google’s Play Store.

Google launched the Nexus Q at last years Google I/O and then shortly after it was launched Google stopped selling the device, although people who pre-ordered...

Latest News » Future Mobile - 2013-01-19

Yamaha has this week announced new additions to its range of audio systems with the unveiling of its new TSX-132 and TSX-B232 desktop, and the  MCR-042 and MCR-B142 micro audio systems.

The Yamaha MCR-B142 and MCR-042 both put out 30W of sound via connections made by USB, aux-in and Apple’s older 30 pin devices, together with CDs if preferred.


Latest News » Techno News - 2013-01-19

The fantastic $35 Raspberry Pi mini PC is turning t out to be extremely adaptable and has been used to create a wealth of wonderful DIY project, most of which we have featured here on Geeky Gadgets since the Raspberry Pi’s launch. Now network and systems administrator Eduardo Luís has used the Raspberry Pi mini PC to modify an old scanner, giving it a new lease of life. Transforming it into a scan-to-email system watch the video after the jump to see it in action. ...
Latest News » Techno News - 2013-01-12

We have featured the Olloclip case and lenses for Apple devices previously on Geeky Gadgets, and now there is a new version of this add on camera lens which works with Apple’s latest devices, the iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch.

The Olloclip comes with a case for your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch, plus a range of lenses which include a macro lens, a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens, and it comes in a range of colors which include red, b...

Latest News » Apple News - 2013-01-12

We have previously seen Samsung’s flexible smartphone display, which is called Youm, and now the company has show it off again at this years CES, although this time the Youm display was showing off in a working ...

Latest News » Future Mobile - 2013-01-10

After raising huge funds exceeding $10 million via a success Kickstarter campaign the Pebble Watch has made a few alterations to its original design, which have also created a knock on effect delaying its original shipping date by some time. The Pebble Smartwatch was expected to launch in September 2012, but is no expected to start shipping sometime in the first quarter of this year, fingers crossed. ...
Latest News » Techno News - 2013-01-03

obii the eye tracking specialists who’s devices allow you to control your hardware using just your eyes, has this week announced the launch of a new product, in the form of the Tobii REX.

The Tobii REX has been designed to add eye tracking controls to Windows 8 systems, and takes the form of a USB peripheral that can be added to any existing system running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system.


Latest News » Microsoft News - 2013-01-02

LG has announced a new version of it Magic Re-mote for its range of smart TVs, and it comes with voice and gesture controls as well as point and wheel controls, and it can also be used as a universal remote.

"LG is committed to providing innovative home entertainment solutions and the Magic Remote is a key pillar of the CINEMA 3D Smart ...

Latest News » Techno News - 2012-12-20

If you are looking for a more compact style of personal transport, the new folding Voltitude V1 electric bike which has this week gone up for pre-order, might be worth more investigation.

The Voltitude V1 model, features a patented EasyFold system allowing for a super quick 1-second folding and unfolding mechanism to be used. Watch the video after the jump to learn mor...

Latest News » Techno News - 2012-12-20

f you were one of the thousands that backed the Kickstarter campaign to get the Auris Bluetooth Adapter from concept to production, you will be pleased to know that Touchkraft LLC has now shipped out orders to backers.

The latest and upgraded Auris Bluetooth Adapter is now equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility and has been designed to enable you to play music from an Android, iOS or Windows device with ease. Watch t...

Latest News » Techno News - 2012-12-17

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Source: 7 Gadgets If you are a Porsche fan but cant quite bring yourself to part with with your hard earned cash to ...
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Source: Gadget Lab Bike Radar
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Source: Gadget Lab Brompton the London based bike manufacturer famous for its bikes that fold up extremely small, have this week announced ...
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...ridiculous but rather boring luxury gadgets are likely to susceptible to this USBs charms. These made to order marvels are currently selling online for $186 each.
Gadgets Information » USB Gadget - 2011-08-07 00:08:56

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Source: Xume Gadget Lab Xume has designed and created their new magnetic lens filter adapter to help you quickly change your lens filter ...
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Source: Coolest Gadgets Skytex has this week announced that it has partnered with ExoPC and will be licensing their user interface to use ...
Gadgets Information » Tablets - 2011-09-26 16:42:13

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