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f you are a serious gamer, what could be cooler than building your own LAN party house, that what Kenton Varda, a Google engineer decided to do, and as you can see in the photos below, Kenton’s house has 12 fold out computer stations.

As well as the twelve fold out computer stations, which are spread out across two rooms,  there are also two large TVs with various game consoles, and when not in use the computer stations can be easily ...

Latest News » Google techno - 2011-12-16

Google has this week announced via a blog post that it is enabling, forward secrecy by default on its Gmail service. Which will make sure that any emails you have written today will stay as safe in the future when faster and more powerful machines will become available that might be able to decrypt the security.

Google explains that initially, only Chrome and Firefox will use the new forward secrecy by default, when using Google services, as at the moment Microsoft’s Internet Expl...

Latest News » Google techno - 2011-11-27

Google has announced that it will be merging its two payment options into one with Google Checkout now becoming a part of Google Wallet. Enabling user who are currently using Google Wallet to be able to make purchases on Google Checkout enabled websites.

If you are a current user of Google Checkout you account will automatically be merged by Google into Google Wallet the next time you login or make a purchase.


Latest News » Google techno - 2011-11-18

After first introducing their new Google Go programming language over two years ago, Google has now announced that it will now be launching Google GO 1.0 in early 2012. The new Google Go will become part of the Google App Engine service when it comes out of its ‘experimental status’.

Google Go has been designed by Google to provide a lower level programming language thats aimed at controlling the power of power of multicore processors using methods of "garbage collectio...

Latest News » Google techno - 2011-11-18

Google has announced this week that it will soon be rolling out Google+ integration for users of its Blogger service. When you log in to Blogger  in draft mode at the top a new message is shown stating "Connect Blogger to Google+”. However Google says they are now rolling the integration out to all regular Blogger user interfaces within the next couple of weeks.


Latest News » Google techno - 2011-10-25

This week its been unofficially reported by statistician Paul Allen that Google+ may now have passed the 43 million user mark. Allen the founder of the uses a unique method of estimating the number of users currently within the Google+ ranks by using uncommon user names.

In the past Allen’s predictions have proved very accurate, and he reports there were approximately 37.8 million users on Google+ as of this morning, up from 28.7 13 days ago.


Latest News » Google techno - 2011-09-23

Yesterday we heard that Google were getting ready to launch their new NFC based payment system, Google Wallet, it is now official and as we reported previously Google wallet will be available with the Sprint Nexus S 4G.

The service works with a Citi Mastercard or a Google Prepaid Card, the Google Prepaid Card can be funded using any existing credit card, and Google has also announced that other companies includin...

Latest News » Google techno - 2011-09-20

Google announced their new Google Wallet service back in May, and now it would appear that Google is getting ready to launch Google Wallet and the payment service could possibly launch today, the 19th of September.

Google has apparently been sending out documents, which state that the Google Wallet will launch on the Sprint Nexus S from the 19th of September, you can see this in the 2nd photo below.


Latest News » Google techno - 2011-09-19

Google has today announced via its "Data Liberation Front” team thats its now provided Google Voice users

the ability to export Google Voice data from its service, using the Google Takeout service.

 Watch the brief presentation video announcing the new data export feature for

Google Voice after the break.


Latest News » Google techno - 2011-09-07

Google engineer Ari Gilder decided to propose to his girlfriend Faigy, although he didn’t take the traditional route with a candlelit dinner, instead he devised a unique way to propose using Google Maps and an Android smartphone.

Ari arrange for Faigy’s boss to give her a Nexus One smartphone preloaded with Google Maps, he then sent his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt around New York City, and she had to visit various places around New York, at each one she was asked a new questi...

Latest News » Google techno - 2011-09-05

Google offers some insight behind the infamously unknown inner workings of Search. It’s extremely rare that Google gives us a look at ...
Latest News » - 2011-08-27 00:00:46

Google has released some new software for its Google TV, in the form of the Android add on SDK ...
Latest News » - 2011-08-25 17:36:08

Google has announced that they will stop supporting Google Sync in Gmail from the 30th of January 2013, Google Sync is ...
Latest News » - 2012-12-17 18:47:26

Since Google released their new Google Glasses eyewear to more user via their Google Glasses Explorer program more and more information is ...
Latest News » - 2013-05-06 16:58:53

This week Google has a announced that its will be closing 10 of its experimental services including Aardvark the start up created by ex Googlers and acquired by Google back in February 2010. Other services to be closed include Google Desktop which will closing on ...
Latest News » - 2011-09-05 18:56:04

Google already produces flagship models of its smartphones when it release a major new version of Android, ...
Latest News » - 2012-01-16 22:25:18

Today Google has rolled out a new fun feature to its Google+ social network that now allows users to add ...
Latest News » - 2012-01-18 00:48:44

Google has announced that it will be merging its two payment options into one with Google Checkout now becoming a part of Google Wallet. Enabling user who are currently using Google Wallet to be able to ...
Latest News » - 2011-11-18 17:50:31

If you enjoy browsing through colour catalogs you will be pleased to know that today Google has announced the launch of its new Google Catalog application which is now available to download.
Gadgets Information » Apple news - 2011-08-18 00:32:00

Google’s Music service has been in beta since last May, and Google has now opened Google Music to everyone and also added in a range of new features which include their own ...
Latest News » - 2011-11-18 17:20:41

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