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Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview, which means anyone can download and test out

Windows 8, and it looks like we have our first video of Windows 8 running on a netbook.

Brad from Liliputing decided to try our the Windows 8 Developer Preview on his Asus Eee PC 100H

netbook, have a lo...

Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-09-14

As well as giving Windows 8 a completely new looks with a new UI, it looks like Microsoft has also replaced the standard Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which is usually filled with lots of text telling you what went wrong with a more, friendly version.

The photo below, from Chip Hazard shows the new BSoD, and as you can see it now comes with a sad face, and a much easier to understand message than the previous BSoD’s.


Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-09-14

If you have been wondering whats new in Windows 8 but just haven’t got time to sit and watch the entire Microsoft Keynote presentation. The Lifehacker website have created a great video thats shows you everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system and its features in just 8 minutes. Watch the cut down presentation after the jump.


Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-09-14

Microsoft has today released a preview of its new Windows 8 software to developers after presenting the new Windows 8 OS at yesterdays Build Conference. The Windows 8 Developer Preview is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 which has been released by Microsoft specifically for developers.

The Windows 8 Developer Preview requires no activation to run and some Windows 8 features may require additional hardware, or installation of other software. As updates ...

Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-09-14

We have already seen some photos of the Samsung Windows 8 tablet, it has now officially been unveiled at Microsoft’s BUILD conference, but you wont be able to get you hands on one as it is a developer only tablet, with what Microsoft describes as an early build of Windows 8.

The Samsung Windows 8 tablet is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, and it features an 11.6 inch multi-touch touchscreen display, plus 4GB of RAM an...

Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-09-14

We know that Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 8 will be tablet friendly and have already seen some photos and video of the Windows 8 tablet user interface.

Now some Windows 8 tablet applications have started to appear, with companies already starting development of the applications ahead of the Windows 8 launch.

One of those is a USA Today application, and they are planning to u...

Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-08-29

Microsoft announced a while back that it would be killing off the Zune and concentrating its efforts on Windows Phone 7,Microsoft has released an update for some of the existing Zune HD apps as well as releasing some new Zune apps.

The existing apps to be update are the Shuffle by Album, Zune Reader, Penalty! Flick Soccer, Email, and Echoes, and they have also released a range of new applications.


Latest News » Microsoft News - 2011-08-05

Microsoft Enables Mango SkyDrive Music Streaming (video)

Its been discovered that Microsoft has quietly enabled music streaming through its new Skydrive cloud service on Mango devices, allowing you to stream music content directly from your Skydrive account to your Zune for example.

Microsoft Office 365 University Edition will have the following features. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher; 20 extra gigabytes ...break, in other words, and you will still have Office. Microsoft have not given an exact ...
Latest News » - 2012-10-22 18:01:03

Curiously enough, there doesn’t seem to be any Apple products around at the time depicted in this new video clip from Microsoft. it’s quite heartening though, like being reassured that all is going to end well despite the economic doldrums and ...won’t end up living in Blade Runner before the decade is out. Casting gloom aside, the short clip portrays world where well heeled future workers ...
Latest News » - 2011-10-29 23:28:26

Similar to Apple Microsoft will take a 30% cut in applications uploaded to the Windows Store. "Following industry norms, developers pay a nominal purchases that use the default commerce engine),” Source: Computer World
Latest News » - 2011-09-19 17:31:25

Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing a range of new games to its Window Phone platform, plus a ...Arts and they will be bringing over 20 of the worlds most popular games to Windows ...
Latest News » - 2012-01-17 00:19:11

...tests on the screens of Microsoft Surface units. See, with lots of touching and pressure involved when using a platform like the Surface, it’s ...of our everyday lives in a matter of years. Source Microsoft Square blog In what would ...
Gadgets Information » Gadget - 2011-08-21 15:37:52

AAXA have unveiled their new P4 Pico Projector which has become the worlds brightest projector pushing out 80 lumens from its ultra bright LED light engine. The AAXA P4 Pico Projector is ...Pico Projector that then allows you torun multiple applications including Microsoft Office mobile, Adobe, mobile games, ...
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2011-11-24 17:13:44

Epic Games the developer of Gear of War has released a new trailer for its ...the Xbox 360, developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft.
Latest News » - 2012-12-11 17:49:08

Samsung has announced that their new Samsung SUR40 system, designed to be used with Microsoft’s Surface, has from today been made available for pre order. The new Samsung SUR40 is equipped with a ...expected to install Samsung SUR40 devices in locations around the world early in 2012.
Latest News » - 2011-11-18 18:03:57

Microsoft had today rolled out a dozen new applications on to its new Xbox 360 Dashboard to the videos at your command. Brand new releases from the world’s biggest artists, great music ...
Latest News » - 2011-12-16 17:05:17

...most popular products in the world such as the iPhone and iPad from Apple as well as game consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.
Latest News » - 2012-12-22 20:01:13

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