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...the launch of a new PC version they have developed bringing Tango to PC desktop computers supporting XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Technology News » - 2011-10-01 22:21:39

Shuttle has added another mini PC to its range with the launch of the Shuttle XPC H7 5820S mini PC, which is a mini PC that ...
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2011-10-29 23:18:37

MSI has added a new barebones system to their range in the form of the MSI Hetis H61 Ultra Barebone PC which is available with either an Intel 2nd generation Pentium Core i3 , Core i5 LGA 1155 together with Intel 3rd ...MSI Hetis H61 Ultra Barebone PC are provided by Intel HD Graphic 2500/4000 , depending on the Ivy Bridge platform processor or Intel HD Graphic 2000/...
Latest News » - 2012-11-06 23:58:55

Razer has released a new promotional trailer reminding gamers that PC gaming is not dead, in the build up to an announcement Razer will be making on the 26th August 2011....with over 300,000,000 PC gamers worldwide PC gaming is far from dead, as some thought would happen when gaming consoles first landed.
Latest News » - 2011-08-22 22:41:36

A new addition to the ever expanding Android Mini PC market has been unveiled this week with the launch of the new UG007 Android mini PC which comes running Google’s ...
Latest News » - 2012-10-24 23:15:24

...developers and hobbyists a mini PC that offers a little more power than the $35 Raspberry Pi mini PC. The new ARMBRIX Zero developer board features ...
Latest News » - 2013-01-25 23:20:29

If you are looking for a easy to carry PC case that will allow you to transport your rig ...
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2011-09-23 22:12:14

Top Stories Windows Thin PC RTMs Windows Thin PC has been released to manufacturing (RTM), and will be available for our SA customers to download ...
Latest News » - 2011-07-23 17:13:39

In addition tom their Xi3 Piston Steam mini PC unveiled at CES last week, Xi3 has also taken the wraps of its new Xi3 Z3RO Pro Mini PC, which has been designed to ...
Latest News » - 2013-01-14 22:04:27

If you are in the market for a miniature desktop PC you might be pleased to know that Zotec has this week unveiled a new model in their popular ZBOX range ... The mini desktop PC is powered by a AMD "Brazos” E 350 APU Platform with Discrete Class AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics and comes ...
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2011-09-05 20:56:14

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