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If you are looking forward to the launch of the new Nintendo Wii U gaming console.
Latest News » - 2012-10-11 19:19:47

Can you imagine organizing your daily schedule with a few touches on your bathroom mirror?
Technology News » - 2011-08-31 01:30:06

...set their sights on OLED technology. OLED TV is the next big thing in television today. Here’s a breakdown of how OLED TV could change ...TV uses a new display technology called OLED or organic light emitting diode . Unlike LCD/LED and plasma televisions, OLED TV is thinner, lighter and more ...
Gadgets Information » Tech Toys - 2012-02-04 15:39:28

Plans to release the iPad 3 in the fall appear to have been shelved as Apple deals with issues relating to its Retina display technology. The launch of a high resolution iPad 3 in 2012 is now thought likely. It seems that rumors of a ...
Latest News » - 2011-08-25 01:51:58

LG is hoping to attract console gamers to its new range of 3D Cinema TV’s with the addition of their new Dual Play technology. The new Dual Play feature enables two gamers to play on the same screen without the need for split screens, ... The new Dual Play technology was showcased this week at the IFA technology conference in Berlin and requires users to wear specialised eye wear whilst ...
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2011-09-05 20:03:37

UC Technology Corp explains: "This wasn’t planned at first, but we’ve made a unit that can be connected to a ...” Source: Tech Crunch UC Technology Corp
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2012-01-21 17:38:18

Micron Technology have this week announced a new addition to their range of solid state drives in the form of their newly ...Micron Technology have this week announced a new addition to their range of solid state drives in the form of their newly updated RealSSD C400 which is now equipped with Self Encrypting technology to keep your data safe. The new RealSSD C400 uses hardware based, AES 256 bit encryption engine and advanced security ...
Gadgets Information » PC Hardware - 2011-09-22 20:58:17

One of the more common bits of technology in the smartphone world that the iPhone is still missing is near field communication. NFC technology allows many of the smartphones ...
Latest News » - 2013-02-02 16:20:42

LED Light networks have been under development for sometime, but the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Berlin, Germany has now been pushing the technology to its limits and is hoping to create a 800Mbps WLAN using the LED light network technology.
Technology News » - 2011-08-02 19:54:11

HP has this week announced that is will be launching a new line of monitors on February 3rd 2013 that will come equipped with Beats audio technology. The new range of HP Beats monitors will feature IPS displays, and were unveiled at CS 2013 last week, and ...99 Brings premium quality IPS technology to everyday computing at affordable prices. These displays deliver clear, vivid images across the ultrawide viewing spectrum.
Latest News » - 2013-01-18 22:27:46

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