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Main » 2011 » August » 14 » Epidermal Electronic System Suggests A Cyborg Future For Humanity
10:06 PM
Epidermal Electronic System Suggests A Cyborg Future For Humanity

Call it EES for short. Since the near future is shaping up to be a mix of Blade Runner, the Matrix, Terminator, and Brave New World, it comes as no surprise that engineer-scientists are hard at work melding electronic parts unto human flesh. Seen below is a viable prototype of the EES, which could pave the way for biologically integrated gadgets.

No, not gadgets, since there won’t be a physical object to hold anymore. If the EES is fully operational, then we are the gadget. Gadgets even, considering how a non-proprietary feature could open these electronic upgrades to a variety of apps.


The two most prominent engineers working on EES are John Rogers and Todd Coleman, both of whom could barely contain their excitement over the EES’ possibilities.


According to Rogers:


Within the realm of biomedical applications, one can imagine providing benefits to patients with muscular or neurological disorders like ALS. For example, in the Sciencearticle, our research group used the device…to control a computer strategy game with muscles in the throat by speaking the commands.


While some of you might be rolling them eyeballs and muttering ‘Singularity’, let’s hope that promising advances like this won’t end up enslaving us. It sucks to live in a dystopian future. (As if we weren’t.)


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