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Converge Multi Device USB Docking Station

Many docking stations we have feature here on Geeky Gadgets are normally designed for specific devices, and will mostly not allow you to multi-charge devices from different manufactures.

The Converge has been specifically designed to allow you to manage charging cables for both bottom-connected devices such as the iPad, and iPhone, together with side-connected cameras, Blackberries and media players.

However a rather innovative docking station called the Converge allows you to plug in up to four USB cables and then charge any of your devices by resting them on the handy stand.

Allowing you to easily charge Android or iOS device in the same dock at the same time. Together with any other players, smartphone or devices that us USB cables to charge.

The Converge USB Docking Station is now available to purchase from Amazon for around $40.

Source: Quirky

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