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Parasound Zphono USB Preamplifier Helps Turn Old Vinyl and More into Digital Tracks

If you have a big collection of music on vinyl records, cassette tapes, or CDs that you want to get onto your digital audio player easily, but with great quality the Zphono USB is the product. This thing is a preamplifier that has been designed to connect to your PC via USB and allow for analog to digital music conversion. The device has an A-D converter and will work with Mac and PC computers.

It works with your recording software and has RIAA equalization for sound quality and special noise reducing circuits. It has a USB gain and a clipping indicator to help set levels for the best signal to noise ratio. The back of the device has a bunch of inputs for various phono cartridges.

The device also has dual stereo line level inputs and supports MM-47 k, MC-47 k or MC-100 cartridges. The device also has dual power and analog power transformers to reduce hum. There is a headphone output on the rear as well. Shipping will start the first week of September for $350.

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