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Peas Four Port USB Hub Looks Edible

But don’t put it in your mouth, please. This cute USB hub was designed by a pair of Italians who’ve got a flare for organic looks. It’s also the latest from Lexon, a design firm known for its odd take on everyday objects. To be honest it looks utterly bizarre, but hey, that’s how you stand out in an oversaturated market.

We’re not sure why this Peas idea only stretched to four USB ports, but we hope it’s not because the Black Eyed Peas have four members. That would be so ironic, it hurts.

The four port USB hub is self-charging, nixing the use of a separate power cable. They come in different colors, including pink and other wholesome hues, plus a really drab black.

You know what they should make next? A USB hub shaped like grapes. A whole bunch of them like what you see in ancient marble sculptures. They’d come in purple and green and have enough ports for a dozen different USB drives. That would totally rock.

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