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This Gold Plated USB Drive Is Sure Hefty

Because it’s made of real gold. Not the drive itself, but the case. Might be a good investment though considering the financial state of the world at the moment. We live in dire times, friends. Not to encourage hoarding, but yeah, this is one USB that if preserved could become a family heirloom. Not sure if descendants would want to inherit a USB though, they might not want to find out what’s saved inside it.

Gold USB

As indicated at the bottom of the device, this baby is a 4GB affair and is gold plated throughout. Its makers hail from Kanazawa, a place in Japan where artisans have specialized in gold plating for ages. True to the spirit of craftsmanship, the USB has an interior covering of high quality wood underneath that glowing thickness of its golden armor.


Of course, aside from the moneyed set, people with a taste for ridiculous but rather boring luxury gadgets are likely to susceptible to this USBs charms.


These made-to-order marvels are currently selling online for $186 each.


Source GeekStuff4U

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