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J5Create Wormhole Cable Connects PC, Mac, iOS And Android Devices Via USB

J5Create have announced a new update to their Wormhole range of connection cables with the launch of the new Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 200. The updated cable now allows you to share your peripherals across devices and even allows you to drag and drop files across PC and Android systems via a USB-to-USB connection.

If you would like to also transfer files via drag-and-drop to Mac systems as well then the Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 400 will be the cable for you. Allowing you to then connect PC-to-Mac as well as PC-to-iPad for file sharing.



J5Create explain in their press release:

"We pride ourselves on creating unique products in design, capability and simplicity of operation. We’re taking our one-of-kind, high speed transfer, keyboard/mouse sharing Wormhole products to the next level by giving them cross-platform compatibility between PC and Apple computers.”

The Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 400: The JUC 400 is now available for around $40 and the Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 200 for $30.

Source: J5Create

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