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New iPad 3 Crux360 Keyboard Case

Since the new iPad 3 launched last week a number of new cases designed for the tablet have started to become available. One of these is the new iPad 3 Crux360 Keyboard Case, which can be used either with or without a keyboard attached.

Similar to cases designed for the iPad 2 and original iPad, the new iPad 3 Crux360 Keyboard Case connects via Bluetooth, and feature a snap in front design allowing for quick access when the case isn’t required.

On the rear of the Crux360 Keyboard Case is a removable panel that allows you to reveal your Apple logo if desired or can simply can be left in place to provide additional protection from knock and scuffs.

Magnets have been used to keep the case closed when not in use, and a quick one touch button now replaces the press-and-hold button used on the previous models. The Crux360 Keyboard Case is now available to pre-order for $150 from CruxCase with shipping expected to start on May 12th.

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