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Adlink Fanless Quad Core Intel Matrix E series PC Range Unveiled

Adlink has unveiled a new edition to its range this week with the announcement of their new fan less Adlink MXE-5300 Series computer system. The Matrix MXE-5300 is the latest addition to Adlink’s Matrix E series, based on the Intel Core i7-2710QE quad-core processor, increasing performance by almost 150% with minimal extra power consumption, compared to pervious systems.

Adlink has redesigned their new fanless computer system simplifying the system for easier component replacement and maintenance. Allowing easy access to storage and memory and wireless components.

The Matrix MXE-5300Is equipped with dual mini-PCIe sockets, together with a USIM socket supporting 3G, GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. As well was 6 x USB ports, 4 x serial ports and a Ethernet connection. Kenny Chang, Director of ADLINK’s I/O platform product center explains:

"We’ve found that rapid growth in wireless technologies has boosted development of embedded applications, such as more efficient cargo management via reader and wireless relay to control centers,” – "The ADLINK MXE-5300 features wireless optimization. With our optional RF Matching Module, the MXE-5300 provides enhanced wireless performance to support 300m 802.11 a/b/g/n accessibility with a minimum bandwidth of 1Mbps, 100M operating range for Bluetooth 3.0 support, WCDMA for HSDPA CAT.10, HSUPA CAT.6, and reduced GPS cold start time of 25 seconds. The MXE-5300′s outstanding wireless optimization capability easily meets and exceeds customer needs.”

Adlink’s Matrix E series computer systems have been designed for use in in vehicle entertainment systems, and robotic automation systems. For more information and full specifications visit the Adlink website.

Source: Adlink

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