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AZiO Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard Is For Total Digital Warfare

As the year draws to an explosive close, two games will basically be responsible for the joyous fireworks. These are Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, both of which will undoubtedly grab every tech blog’s headlines as they ensnare gamers all across the globe. Since warfare is still the most riveting experienc ein gaming, it comes as no surprise that AZiO have outed their latest heavy duty keyboard for die hard gamers, the Levetron Mech4.

If its appearance strikes you as little too Mechwarrior, it’s intentional. (Ah, Mechwarrior, you are missed!) The Mech4 is geared toward FPS fanatics and the sort of people who always bring a bag of Cheetos to an extended gaming session. Cheetos and Red Bull, to be specific. The keyboard even has ducts so that drink spillage doesn’t jeopardize the playing experience. (Next time just use a straw.)

If you’re wondering about all the different compartments you see in the picture above, here’s the juicy lowdown. Every single key is built to withstand keystrokes in the millions and can endure a lot of punishment. There’s also a save feature for storing different configurations depending on your game of choice. That fat knob in the upper right is a dedicated volume control and the numeric keypad is designed to be comfortable in the player’s hand; that’s why it’s contoured to look like an attachment to the main board.

In short, the Mech4 is a certified bad ass.

The Mech4 is currently available online and sells for $109.99.

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