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LG PZ850 Pentouch Plasma TV hands-on
Samsung took IFA by storm yesterday with its now-legendary "S Pen" (that Galaxy Note comes bundled), so it's only fair that LG gets its chance in the spotlight with a pen of its own. The company's Pentouch comes with a plasma TV in tow, and lets you do super-slick stuff to your productivity suite -- you can mark up Word docs, handwrite URLs in the browser, highlight elements in your PowerPoint presentations, or even flick one of those little red balls of fluff in Angry Birds. $2,199 will net you a 3D-enabled 60-inch LG PZ850 with Pentouch TV -- a non-3D model is available for $1,699, and there's a 50-inch version as well, priced at a mere $1,099.

You'll need to collect quite a few ingredients before you can get cookin' here, including the TV, the pair of included pens, and a computer to pump content to your TV. If you're planning to use the display with kids, a printer might be a good idea as well, so your little ones will have a platform to preserve all those on-screen sketched masterpieces (this thing puts coloring books to shame). Everything seemed to work as described (note: this isn't a touchscreen, so you'll need to use the pen), though the software did hiccup once while attempting to hand-write the Engadget URL. We see this being more of a hit for enterprise use, since there isn't really any need to mark up photos or tap the screen to launch apps in your living room. Still thinking about taking the plunge? Jump past the break for a video walkthrough (yes, and yet another clip of Angry Birds).
Category: PC Hardware | Added by: amitguruji (2011-09-05)
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