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Nintendo Moves 50M DS portables in US so far

Nintendo certainly hoped that the 3DS would take over and sell as well as the DS had before it. So far, that just hasn’t happened though with the 3DS just not making the cut with consumers staying away from the portable console so far. The 3DS is selling better than it was thanks to the price cut from a few months back.

Nintendo is thankfully still selling the DS in droves though with the portable now racking up 50 million units sold in the US since its launch. The 3DS is picking up a little steam with more games coming that are appealing to gamers. The 3DS has moved 450,000 units since the price was slashed.

Just about all of those 3DS consoles sold also saw buyers picking up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D as well with that title selling over 500,000 copies. I think the console will pick up again when the Mario Kart 3D game launches too.

via via Joystiq

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