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Toshiba to Release Copier with Erasable Prints
oshiba Tec takes earth friendliness to the next level with their latest innovation: a copier that uses erasable toner.

Using a color erasing device (which is also built-in feature of the revolutionary copier), the print disappears, allowing the paper to be reused for up to multiple times. "The toner… loses its color when heated, so this technology makes it look as if the printing has disappeared. With this system, one sheet of photocopy paper can be used at least five times, so this product combines economy with ecology,” according to the group.

What’s more impressive is that even if one erases the print from a sheet of paper, the person can opt to save the data pending to be deleted through the device’s scanning capability. The copier also detects which sheets can be reused or otherwise.

Toshiba Tec aims to release the copier in winter, with future plans to release a color version of the device. The group however discloses that they have not set the price yet, although they are assuring everyone that the whole process of copying and erasing is cost-effective, if not similar to costs of present systems being used.

via DigInfo TV

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