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Electronic Rock Guitar Bag Plays Music and Holds Stuff

ThinkGeek has been making some interesting shirts for a while now that have musical instruments on them that you can actually play. The shirts come in different versions including one with a guitar, a synthesizer, and an electronic drum kit shirt. All of the shirts come in adult and kids sizes too.

ThinkGeek Electronic Rock Guitar Bag

ThinkGeek has a new offering that has a playable instrument on it called the Electronic Rock Guitar Bag. The bag has the same guitar design on the front that the guitar shirt has. The music plays through a little amplifier that you can hang on the front of the bag. The guitar on it is played by swiping your thumb across the faux strings on the bottom and you can make real chords on the neck.

The bag itself isn’t a complete gimmick; it can also hold your stuff for school or work. The bag has room for a laptop with up to a 17-inch screen. It has two large pockets and six small pockets with a zippered phone pouch as well. The front flap closes with a magnetic clasp. The amp speaker is powered by four AAA batteries.

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