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Fearsome Fire And Flame From Lego Dragon (Video)

Lego designer and enthusiast Aaron Amatnieks certainly has a taste for grandeur. Seen below is his "firebreathing lego red dragon.” This should warm the hearts of passionate Dungeons and Dragons fans and fantasy geeks in general. Seen below is the highly detailed build in all its fearsomeness. The cool part of course is when it breathes fire. Naturally, you’re curious as to why the Lego bricks at the mouth don’t melt. Well, lighter flames aren’t that hot to begin with. There’s a nice video after the jump.

Lego Dragon

And here it is:

While the dragon does seem an impressive cigarette lighter, keep in mind cigarettes are bad for your health. Drink moderately. What?

It would be awesome if he can build a three headed dragon that’s also firebreathing. Like a magical candelabra that’s fierce and terrifying. For Lego people at least.

Source  Brothers Brick

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