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Gross Infectious Diseases Stress Balls Available In Different Colors (Video)

Stress. Every once in a while it drags us down. How to cope? Other than an office rampage and a nasty smoking habit, a few squishy balls might do the trick. So called stress balls are pretty ubiquitous as they’ve got a nice niche catering to the ills of office jockeys. But wait till you see these infectious diseases. Yeah, that’s right: they’re called Infectious Diseases and they’re Balls! Balls!

Infectious Disease Squeeze Ball

Currently available in themes like Smallpox, Zombie Virus, Cooties, and Bubonic Plague, the Infectious Diseases line have a single endearing feature that would repulse the squeamish. (See picture up north.) Each time they’re squeezed, colored pus comes out them. Not real pus, but pustules in lovely colors that don’t ooze but look like grapes. It’s real nice.


The various colored special effect is the result of encasing the balls in a mesh bag—look closely. Don’t take them out in case you’re asking for grossness. So inside the mesh bag, as they’re squeezed, the outcoming ichor is real fun.


Here’s an explanatory video:

Infectious Diseases are currently selling for $4.99 each.


Source Think Geek

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