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iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Coming In According To Apple’s Suppliers

We have been hearing for a while now that Apple will launch the iPhone 5 at the same time as it launches iOS 5, in the fall, and September seems to be the date that the iPhone 5 is expected to be announced.

We have also heard rumors of an iPad 3 launching later this year, and now according to some of Apple’s component suppliers, the iPad 3 is also expected to launch around September of this year.

iPhone 5 Concept Design

The sources pointed out that Apple only plans to launch one model of the new iPhone, while iPad 3 has just recently been added to the production schedule with both set to be produced in small volumes in August and the volume will start picking up in September and October.

The news comes from DigiTimes who have apparently received the information from a number of suppliers who supply parts for the existing iPhone and iPad models.

We are expecting Apple to launch the iPhone 5 in September, although we are not so sure about the iPad 3, as the iPad 2 has only been out for a few months, although you never know.

We suspect if Apple does launch the iPad 3 this year it will feature a higher resolution display than the existing iPad 2, and Apple will probably announce it as the iPad HD, which would allow them to sell it alongside the iPad 2.

Image above is of an iPhone 5 concept design and not the actual iPhone 5.

Image Credit: Michal Bonikowski

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