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Mercedes-Benz Demos DICE HUD Concept With Gesture Controls (Video)

Car maker Mercedes-Benz has sown off a new gesture controlled HUD (heads up display) at this years CES, the system is called DICE, which standard for Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience.

The DICE system doesn’t have any buttons to control the system, instead it uses gestures and a range of proximity sensors which detect your movements and perform which task you want, have a look at the video of it in action below.

As you can see from th DICE can be controlled by moving your hands, if you move your hands left or right, the system scrolls though the menus, if you then move you hand towards the display, it will act as if you have pressed a button and select whichever feature you have highlighted.

As well as the motion control system, the DICE also features augmented reality, with icons display over things you see on the road, like a restaurant, you would then be able to select that icon and make a reservation at the restaurant.

It certainly looks very interesting from the video, although I suspect it may be a few years before we see this technology in every day cars, and Mercedes-Benz have said that they don’t expect the technology to be available for several decades.

Source Autoblog, The Verge

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