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Paul Budnitz Titanium $5,500 Bikes

If you are looking to upgrade your wheels to something a little more Titanium!. Paul Budnitz has unveiled two Titanium bike models that will definitely make your ride a little more enjoyable, even though you might be $5,500 lighter on the financial side.

The two models named No.1 and No.2 have been designed for different riding conditions. With No.1 equipped with slick tires on 700c Velocity rims, together with a more upright position and harder gear ratios. Where as No.2 is designed for a more laid back ride with a larger wheel at the front and smaller at the back and lower gearing and a set of sweep back handle bars. (pictured below)

The Paul Budnitz Bicycles website explains a little more about the design of the Titanium components of the bikes:

"Paul Budnitz Bicycles trademark Cantilever Frames™ ,U™ and Half-Crown™ forks are stunning — and are designed to optimize each bicycle’s ride. The gentle split top-tube arc that characterizes all of our frames flexes in the right places, and is stiff in others.”


Source: Paul Budnitz Bicycles :  Wired

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