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BlackBerry PlayBook Outsells iPad In Canadian Stores
You rarely ever see news that anyone is beating the iPad in sales. It just doesn’t happen very often as Apple dominates the market, but this is one exception. According to RIM, Best Buy Canada and its sister chain Future Shop have seen the BlackBerry PlayBook become the top-selling tablet at their stores this week.

We don’t know by how much, but the implication is that the tablet has outsold even the iPad. They also didn’t mention overall performance in the country.

It is also unclear what triggered this jump, but it is speculated that the PlayBook 2.0 update’s release in late February played a part. Renewed marketing in conjunction with the update may have also had people giving it a look since the platform was mostly finished with native e-mail and calendars.

This is good news for RIM. Low sales have persisted even after a 60 percent price cut to $199. Apple still dominates the local market at 68 percent, but this should give them a boost.

Source Electronista

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