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Eco Pod Waterproof Case

Grace Digital has unveiled a new waterproof case designed to keep your iPhone, iPod, Android, and MP3 Players safe while around that dreaded word for all electronic devices.. Water!

The new Eco Pod device case is both waterproof and crushproof and comes with 100% waterproof earbuds. The Eco Pod is equipped with a handy internal storage compartment large enough to carry a mobile device, credit cards, driver’s license, cash, and keys. Even though the Eco Pod has a clear front panel, the press release doesn’t mention of being able to use touchscreen devices while in the Eco Pod, which might become a problem if you have to open the case every time you need change your application, tunes or take a call.

Eco Pod

The Eco Pod is also fitted with a 2 inch carabineer clip and a uniquely designed exterior pressure release valve that ensures the case is closed air tight and easily opened at low or high altitudes.

"Grace Digital’s Eco line allows users to add their music to all their great outdoor experiences. You don’t have to worry that it’s going to rain while you’re at the park, or that your phone might get dirty and wet while at the beach or on a boat, the Eco Pod and the original Eco Extreme let you take your music anywhere your adventures take you.”

Source: Grace Digital Audio

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