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Morphix Wrist Gadget Detects Toxic Particles Around You

A long time ago, Morphix Technologies was doing serious R&D for a new bio-chem detection system for the United States Marines. Aware that a greater demand for the resulting product exists, the contractor is now targeting a broad market for their creation. It’s called the Morphix Chameleon, a wearable array that indicates which poisonous chemicals in vaporous or gas form are in the air.

The Chameleon is a rugged piece of equipment that works in extreme weather conditions and hardly needs any maintenance. What it does is give a color warning on each capsule that corresponds to the toxins in a specific area.

Morphix are pulling no stops promoting the Chameleon to anyone in the emergency rescue field, be they paramedics, firemen, or even workers who have jobs in hazardous places.

What’s great about the Morphix is it’s not battery-powered nor is it juiced by any other source. On top of this, it can operate in wet or cold, extreme heat or even arctic conditions.

The Morphix Chameleon is currently available online. Upgraded versions are scheduled for release in the near future.

Source Gizmag

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