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Vortex Guns Can Be Used By Firefighters

Vortex guns are those thing-of-the-movies type guns which can fire doughnut shaped rings of air. Vortex guns have stayed as toys and odd gadgets for years, until now.

But a U.S. lab is recently packing vortex guns with electrically charged rings. These new-and-improved guns can clear smoke filled hallways for firefighters and fire tear gas an pepper spray even for people with the poorest aim.

This vortex gun shoots rings that travels 90 mph upon exiting the muzzle and 60 mph over distances more the 150 feet. These rings revolve as the travel in air though their holes remain calm, kind of like the eye of the storm.

Using that dynamic, vortex guns can sustain nonlethal gas or electrical charge up to the point that it hits its target. Carrying both positive and negative charge can make tiny smoke particles clump and fall–this proves better for firefighters than exhaust fans. This invention will probably save lives and property in the process so it should be available soon.

Source: Livescience

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