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Main » 2012 » September » 25 » iPhone 5 Shortages Due To New In Cell Displays
1:03 AM
iPhone 5 Shortages Due To New In Cell Displays
Apple’s new iPhone 5 uses new display technology, the new technology 
is called in-cell display and the touch sensors are integrated directly 
into the display rather than being in a separate layer like on the iPhone 4S

Apple announced yesterday that they had sold 5 million iPhone 5′s in the first weekend, 
this was below what many analysts had been expecting,
but Apple also noted that they
 had completely sold out of their initial supply of the iPhone 5.

The 5 million figure did not take into account devices that had been 
ordered but not yet shipped out to customers, and according to a number 
of reports Apple could have sold considerably more than 5 million units 
if it had the stock.
Apple apologized in its press release for not having enough of the 
iPhone 5 to meet the demand, and now it would appear the reason for the 
shortages of the iPhone 5 is because of the new In Cell displays which 
are used in the iPhone 5.
According to various reports, Apple’s manufacturing partners are 
increasing their supply of these new displays in order to meet demand, 
so it looks like it will be a few more weeks before the new iPhone 5 becomes more 
readily available, Apple is still showing shipping times of 3 to 4 weeks on its website.
Source MacRumors
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