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A new Android games console is preparing to launch in the form of the BlueStack GamePop, which looks to be gearing up to go head-to-head against the Ouya console.

The BlueStack GamePop console is currently available to pre-order during the month of May and offers you a free console and controller when you sigh-up for a 12 month subscription at $6.99 a month.

The BlueStack GamePop console and controller would normally set you back $100, but the offer allows you to enjoy a complete free console and controller.

Watch the video below to learn more about the new BlueStack GamePop Android games console, which when shipped with run Google’s latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating sys ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 989 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-10 | Comments (0)

NEC has this week added a wealth of new additions to their range of business laptops, in the form of the newly launched NEC VersaPro VX and a range of 12 different types across 28 models of NEC VersaPro.

The new NEC VersaPro range of devices is launching in Japan, and the NEC VersaPro UltraLite Type VG laptop is a super light model weighing just 875g, and measuring just 14.9mm thick.

The new NEC VersaPro range includes :

VersaPro UltraLiteType VG (Ultrabook) ¥261,000〜
VersaPro UltraLiteType VB (Mobile laptop) ¥193,000〜

VersaPro Type VH (Mobile laptop) ¥223,000〜

VersaPro Type VD (Laptop) ¥165,500〜 ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 812 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-10 | Comments (0)

There is some speculation that Google will be opening a number of retail stores to sell Google Glass. The stores will not only sell the device, but also customize them for each sale, to make sure that each Glass user gets the proper experience while wearing the device. Experts in the store will also teach users how to set-up and use Google Glass.

The developers who bought Google Glass go through a similar experience when they pick up their purchase, an experience that might feel like if Google does open retail Google Glass stores anyway. The Glass owners are walked through the set-up and customization of the hardware, and are taught how to use the device.

Take it with a grain of salt, but it does make sense. We will have to wait and see if Google wants to comment.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 753 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-08 | Comments (0)

External storage device maker Synology has unveiled a new storage solution called the DiskStation DS213j that promises to be a affordable storage solution for the home or office. The manufacturer says that it is a budget friendly two bay network attached storage server specifically designed for file storage and sharing with data protection.

The drive has a new floating point unit enabled processor that allows for faster rendering of image thumbnails and image previews. It also features 512 MB of RAM for better multitasking and supports wake on LAN capability.

The storage solution is also a DLNA compliant media server. The company promises performance of 100 MB/second reads and 70 MB/second writes. The storage solution will be available soon at ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 724 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-08 | Comments (0)

Sony has announced a new range of notebooks, the Sony Vaio Fit range which is made up of the Sony Vaio Fit 15, the Fit 15E, the Fit 14, these new models will launch in Japan later this month.

The Sony Vaio Fit 15 will come with a 15 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it will also comes with a 2GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, plus Intel HD graphics 4000.

Other specifications on the Sony Vaio Fit 15 include 1TB of hybrid storage, NFC, 802.11 b/g/n Wifi and a Sony Exmor R web camera, prices for the 15 inch model will be around $1,818 when it launches in Japan.

Source Engadget ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 682 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-07 | Comments (0)

Drobox has announced that their very first developer conference the Dropbox DBX will open its doors on July 9th at San Francisco’s scenic Fort Mason.

Tickets to the first Dropbox DBX conference cost $350 and if you are thinking of attending you can register to request and invite.

"People create more than a billion memories, thoughts, and moments in Dropbox every day. On July 9th, 2013, we’re bringing together our community of developers and partners to build on these experiences and design the future.”

For more information on the new Dropbox DBX jump over to the Dropbox website for details, and to signup.

Source: ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 681 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-07 | Comments (0)

AT&T has this week announced that they will be launching a new AT&T 4G LTE modem in the form of the AT&T Beam providing customers with access for just $20 a month.

The AT&T Beam USB modem is equipped with an LCD screen for status updates, network indicator, signal strength, and data usage, and allows access to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The AT&T Beam modem is also fitted with a microSDTM card slot to expand the modems on board storage up to 32GB in size. Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, devices and developer services, AT&T explained:

"The LCD screen on the AT&T Beam really makes it stands out from traditional USB modems,”-”This added fea ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 664 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-07 | Comments (0)

The guys over at Recombu have put together a comparison of the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One, to see which of these two smartphones performs best taking photos in low light.

As well as comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One, they also compared the cameras on the Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 920 and Sony’s new flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z.

What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than with a low light camera comparison of the hottest phones of the moment? Which phones are we talking about? The crowned king of low-light, the Nokia Lumia 920, the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 720 and the Sony Xperia Z.

Head on over to Recombu to find out which of these devices performs the best for tak ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 593 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-06 | Comments (0)

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Google are working on paid channels for the YouTube video service, and now according to a recent report by the FT, YouTube are close to launching this new paid service.

According to the report the service could involve up to 50 paid channels, where you could either subscribe to all the channels for a monthly fee, or choose individual channels which would cost around $1.99 per month.

It will be interesting to see what Google comes up with for their paid subscription service for YouTube, whether it will become popular remains to be seen, as soon as we get some more details on the service we will let you guys know.

Source Cn ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 615 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-06 | Comments (0)

A unique concepts has started it journey over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website called, Casetop, which has been designed to allows you to transform your smartphone into a notebook device.

The Casetop concept is the brain child of Livi Design and Casetop is compatible with any Smartphone that is equipped with a video out option and Bluetooth, including Apple, HTC, Blackberry 10 and Samsung smartphones. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Casetop project and see it in action.

The very unique Casetop device aims to be supported by new phones for a minimum of ten years from point of sale by using standardised ports such as HDMI, MHL and MicroUSB.

"The Casetop b ... Read more »

Category: Techno News | Views: 595 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2013-05-06 | Comments (0)