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The Sony Xperia S has already been available in the UK, however its smaller cousins, the Xperia P and Xperia U, have not yet arrived in stores. That will change soon since both devices are now set to become available in the UK during the week of May 7. That means that in just a few weeks you’ll have the entire new Xperia line available to choose from in the UK. Choose wisely.

Of course if you don’t want to wait, you can pre-order the Xperia P or the Xperia U right now from Clove. The Xperia P is £330 and the Xperia U is £204.

If we learn anything else we will let you know. Prices should not change though since we are so close to launch.

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Criminals have always had an eye out for Apple products. They are expensive and in demand, so it isn’t hard to find a buyer for a hot Apple product. Right now thefts involving iPhones and iPads are up 44% in New York so far this year. As of April 15th, there were 1,196 thefts of this kind reported to the NYPD compared to 831 from the same time last year.

One officer said that walking around with an iPhone or iPad is like waving a wad of cash around. The latest case was the robbery of an Apple iPhone belonging to a 26 year old chef who was murdered. His iPhone was stolen, but his wallet was not touched. That should show you that the officers statement is clearly true.

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