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The Samsung Galaxy S II has been a massive success for Samsung, we recently heard that Samsung had sold over 5 million Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones in under three months, and the device is about to go on sale in the US shortly.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be available with a range of mobile operators in the US, and now it looks like it is headed to T-Mobile as the Samsung Hercules.

Samsung Galaxy S II

According to a recent report, the Samsung Hercules is rumored to be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ 42Mbps smartphone, and it looks like the T-Mobile version will feature a 4.5 inch multi-touch touchscreen display as opposed to a 4.3 inch version on the original G ... Read more »

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Apple has released the latest beta version of iOS 5 to developers, iOS 5 Beta 5, along with iTunes Beta 5, and it looks like iOS Beta 5 includes a number of bug fixes rather than any major new features.

The update is available to iOS developers for their iOS devices as an OTA update, so we guess Apple is testing out the OTA update feature which will deliver our iOS updates to us in the future.

iPhone 4

We are still expecting Apple to release iOS 5 in September and we will probably see the new iPhone 5 at the same time as well as the new iPod Touch with 3G.

Source Mac Rumors

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We have featured lots of different iPhone and smartphone stands here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is called the Orbit, and it is the work of Jon Norton and Joe Molinari, who are hoping to put the stand into production, through Kickstarter.

The Orbit feature two suction mounts, one to connect to your smartphone and one to connect to a desk or other flat surface, the stand can also be used in a variety of different ways.

Orbit iPhone Stand

The Orbit can also be used with a standard camera tripod, as it features a built in tripod mount, allowing you to take photos and video with your iPhone or smartphone.

... Read more »

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 822 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-08 | Comments (0)

If you have an iPad 2 and you are on the market for a new case and keyboard to make working from the tablet easier, Belkin has a new item for you. The case is called the Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 and it launched today for $99.99. The case will protect your iPad 2 and has a nice Bluetooth keyboard inside.

Keyboard Folio for iPad 2

That Bluetooth keyboard has TruType keys for comfortable typing and has 1.7mm of key travel. The keyboard hides under the tablet when the case is closed. The screen of the iPad can be propped at three different angles for comfortable use.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and needs no drive ... Read more »

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Logitech has unveiled a new mouse they have added to their range, that has been specifically designed for Android tablets. The Logitech Tablet Mouse has been fitted with a laser sensor for smoother tracking on just about any surface, as long as its not made of glass or mirrors.

The Bluetooth equipped tablet mouse will connect seamlessly to any tablet running Android 3.1 or above and has around a 30 feet connection range.

Logitech Tablet Mouse

Its powered by 2 x AA batteries and comes with its own travel pouch for protection. So if you feel the need for a dedicated tablet mouse for your Android device the ... Read more »

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We have been hearing rumors that Motorola are working on a new Android tablet for a while now, and it looks like Motorola has purchased some new domain names which could hint at the devices name.

The guys over at Fusible have discovered that Motorola have purchased, plus a range of variations on the name, and they all center around the name Kore.

Motorola Xoom

Of course they could have purchased the domain for a new smartphone, although a tablet seems more likely, and it could possibly be the companies first Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet.

As soon as we get some more information on exactly what the Motorola Kore is we will let you guys know.

Source ... Read more »

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Android App developers Chainfire have created a new remote control Android application allowing users to control a Canon EOS DSLR camera from the comfort of their Android smartphone or tablet.

The new application connects camera and Android device using USB and enables you to take full control of your Canon EOS using a live view. Tap the live view image to perform Auto Focus and tap-and-hold to move the zoom and focus area. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and the setup required.

DSLR Controller app

The capture button works the same as the capture button on your camera, but only does "deep” presses, not "half” press positions.

The new ... Read more »

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 636 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-05 | Comments (0)

We had heard previously that Nokia would be launching the N9 some time in September, and now Nokia has uploaded an officially countdown clock on the Nokia N9 homepage, which currently shows the N9 launching in 49 days, as of today.

That would give the Nokia N9 a launch date of the 23rd of September, and although we still don’t have any official pricing from Nokia, we have heard rumors previously that it may cost around $660 SIM free.

Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 comes with MeeGo as its OS, and it features a 3.9 inch AMOLED multi-touch display with curved Gorilla Glass, and a a uni-body design and the body of the smartphone is made from a polycarbonate material, there is also an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, p ... Read more »

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 903 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-05 | Comments (0)

The last thing we heard about HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool for its Android devices that it would be available some time in August, HTC has now confirmed they are still on track for an August release and have also revealed some details on how the tool will work.

The bootloader unlocking tool for HTC devices will be available as a web tool and you will have to register an account with HTC, then plug your HTC smartphone into your PC with the Android SDK loaded to retrieve a device identifier token, this token can then be entered into the web tool and a unique unlock key will be sent to you via email.

HTC Sensation

Since our last update, many of you have asked how the bootloader unlocking process will actually work, and in particular why HTC’s ... Read more »

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 616 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-04 | Comments (0)

HTC’s smartphones have become incredibly popular over the last few years, mainly thanks to Google’s Android OS, and they also produce Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Now HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou has announced that the company will launch between six and eight new smartphones this quarter, and whilst he didn’t give details of any models that will be announced, we suspect that we will see some of the rumored devices we have heard about over the last few months.

HTC Sensation

We can expect to see some new HTC Android devices as well as some new HTC Windows Phone 7 devices, as soon as we get some more information on exactly what new HTC smartphones will be launching we will let you guys know.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Future Mobile | Views: 659 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-04 | Comments (0)