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Epic Games has today announced the arrival date of their second DLC for Gears oF War 3 , "RAAM’s Shadow” which will now be landing on December 13th and will be available for 1200pts or for free if you purchased the Season Pass.

The new Gears of War 3: RAAM DLC content will star a cast of characters both new and eerily familiar to the series and provide 3 hours of campaign play, but in a prequel storyline. Its will also include 6 new multiplayer characters, a chocolate weapon set and 250 addition Gamerscore to earn.

Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow DLC is set before the events of the first game and puts you in Zeta Squad, who have been assigned with the mission to evacuate Ilima City from a Locust Storm, and to eliminate General RAAM, the Locust leader. Are you up for the challenge?

Source: ... Read more »

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Next week Google is has announced that it will be rolling out a new revamp of its RSS Reader application which will bring with it closer Google+ integration. New features in the update will include a brand-new user interface design together with tools that will link Reader and Google+, allowing you to share your favourite feeds with your friends and followers in your Google+.

In the same vein many of the social features currently within Google’s Reader application will also be made available via Google+. So when they update lands sometime next week existing features like friending, following and shared link blogs currently within the Google Reader application will be removed.

Google understands that some users may not like the new changes, additions and cross-linking between the two applications, and has made available data export tools that allow you to take your subscr ... Read more »

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We haven’t heard much about Microsoft’s next generation Xbox, which has been rumored in the past to be called the Xbox 720, now it would appear that Microsoft’s new Xbox console may be called the Xbox Next.

According to a recent report, the Xbox Next is scheduled to launch in 2013, and may possibly be unveiled at E3 2013, the news comes from the guys over at Develop, who have apparently obtained the information from multiple sources.

According to Develop, the Xbox Next is expected to land in stores before the holiday shopping season of 2013, they have also said that Lionhead is working on a project for the Xbox Next which is called ‘Fable Next’ internally.

It will be interesting to see what the Xbox Next is like, Microsoft has had massive success with the Xbox 360 console, and with the release of the Xbox Kinect, the company was able to make the Xbox 360 even more popular.

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Not to worry though, it’s not the "steal your credit card number” kind, it’s more along the lines of facilitating the running of games from burned Blu-Ray disks.  Details are scarce at the moment, but apparently the hack known as "JB2″ works, just like earlier attempts by using a USB dongle to bypass security when booting up a console.

There are signs that this may be no more than the previous 3.55 firmware hack in new clothing, so PSN is still out if you plan on flying the jolly roger, though the fact that it only offers a way to play burned Blu-Ray disks instead of booting them from the hard drive may give the cost-conscious pirate pause.


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