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Actually it’s neither. Instead it’s calculating and ruthless, striking at the precise moment when your sleep is most shallow, thus amplifying the pain. It’s supposed to measure brainwaves, see, then gauge the most opportune moment to wake you. So how does this make it exceptional? Well, because it measures brainwaves during sleep, this alarm clock can pinpoint the best time to nightmarishly jolt you out of slumber. Great idea, no?

Since not even a prototype of this revolutionary device is in existence, seen above is a Defusable Alarm Clock featured last month here at Geeky Gadgets.

Defusable Alarm Clocks aside, experiments at the Jerusalem College of Engineering in India have produced startling results. Since human brains at rest have ‘layers’ of sleep or rain activity (this verges on Inception), electrode connectors allowed the scientist’s test alarm clock to measure whe ... Read more »

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When it comes to global warming, the only people to blame for turning it into a tired and excessively muddied issue is ourselves. Yes, this is a powerful and provocative stance. But really, look at how it has become almost irrelevant in public discourse thanks to so many conflicting facts, falling prey to partisan politics and clever information sabotage. No wonder to this day, there are still global warming skeptics.

But you know what? Forget blaming people or pointing fingers. It’s no use. Our Earth’s temperature has risen since the beginning of the post-war years. That’s fact. Forget Al Gore, he merely transmitted the information.

On a lighter note, yes, that’s the planet Reach pictured above standing in for our homeworld.

Now allegedly independent findings from the Berkeley Research Project (BRP) confirm the worst: The previous decade was the hottest on records. So does this ... Read more »

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