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Seems like we’ve seen plenty of new 7 inch Android tablets hitting the market or ready to. So it’s nice to see a new full-sized tablet. That is what the Archos 97 Titanium HD is.

A new website for the tablet went live the other day and judging by the specs, the tablet will have a 9.7 inch IPS display with resolution of 2048 x 1536. That matches the panel on the third and fourth-generation Apple iPad and offers a 264ppi pixel density. There is also a dual-core 1.6GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.

The camera in back is 5MP and the front is 2MP. It has 8GB of storage on board, but that can be bumped up nicely with the 64GB capacity microSD slot. Android 4.1 is installed. Nothing on price yet.

Source Pho ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 566 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-27 | Comments (0)

It was way back in 2010 that tablets started getting wide adoption, with the first iPad, but it wasn’t until 2012 when suddenly they started appearing in almost every home. In fact, tablet ownership has reportedly doubled in the United States in 2012, according to Forrester.

A survey covering almost 60,000 Americans concluded that 19% of them owned a tablet. The survey was for adults 18 years old or older, and found that the elderly are the slowest in tablet adoption, which isn’t surprising. People 47 or older were the ones least likely to own a tablet, with 14% of them having tablets, which is double the number from 2011.

That’s no surprise when you realize that 84% of adults go online every day, up from 78% last year. Tablets are everywhere.

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Category: Apple News | Views: 539 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-22 | Comments (0)

A new iPhone 5 accessory has landed on Kickstarter this week in the form of the new Trygger Camera Clip which is fitted with a polarizing filter to block noisy light allowing you to take even more professional photographs.

When you use the Trygger the Camera Clip with your iPhone it helps cut out the glare from your photos and unwanted reflections, allowing yout photos to look more like the image you would see with your eyes. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and learn more.

"We wanted to help iPhoneographers (you and me) make even better ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 717 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-18 | Comments (0)

Owners of Apple’s new iPad Mini device would would like to keep the fact they are carrying a mini tablet a little more disguised, might be interested to learn that BookBook has launched their new iPad Mini case.

BookBook has designed their case to provides a lightweight cover weighing just 7.5 ounces for the iPad mini, and is equipped with a two hardback book covers and a rigid spine for impact and crush protection from knocks and drops.



The BookBook iPad mini case has been designed to double as a desktop wedge and a multi-angle display stand, by simply lifting up the interior support frame inside this BookBook and flip down the handy kickstand to type on iPad or use it as a secondary ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 806 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-17 | Comments (0)

Apple announced its new range of iMacs back in October, the 21.5 inch iMac started shipping recently and is now available to buy in Apple Stores, Apple previously said that the 27 inch model would be available in December.

It looks like Apple are getting ready to start shipping out the first batch of the 27 inch model to customers, as a number of people who have pre-ordered the new 27 inch iMac have had their shipping status changed to ‘preparing for shipment’.

The new iMac features a completely new design and is extremely thin, plus it also comes with Apple’s new Fusion Drive hybrid hard drive and SSD. There are no details as yet on when the 27 inch model will be available in Apple Stores, as soon as we get some more information we will let you guys know.

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Category: Apple News | Views: 588 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-11 | Comments (0)

Last Friday the day of official launch of Apples new 2012 iMac Intel 21.5″ a couple of quick pictures surfaced showing the new super thin iMac system’s internal workings.

However if you are looking for a little more detail, you will be pleased to learn that iFixit have now taken their screwdrivers to the new full system revealing in detail its inner workings and components.

The detailed takedown of Apple’s new 2012 iMac 21.5 inch system has awarded the new computer with a repairability Score of just 3 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair). Explaining that you can easily replace the RAM, hard drive, and CPU inside this machine. However:

-The glass and LCD ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 661 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-03 | Comments (0)

The majority of Apple’s products are made in China by manufacturing partners like Foxconn, but now it would appear that some of Apple’s new iMacs, which launched last week are actually made in the US.

On Friday we saw a teardown of Apple’s new 21.5 inch iMac, and this has revealed that some of these models are actually made in the US, as the casing on some of the devices is labelled with ‘Assembled in USA’.

Of course this does not mean that Apple will be moving the production of all their devices to the US, as it is much cheaper for them to have the devices made in China by their various manufacturing partners.

Source Apple I ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 646 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-12-03 | Comments (0)

British financial institution Barclays Bank has purchased 8,500 Apple iPads, which cost them a hefty £3.3 million ($5.3 million USD). That works out to an average price of $623 USD for each tablet. The bank will use its new tablets for "improving the customer experience.”

We aren’t sure what the bank thought about Microsoft’s Surface tablet, but since the tablets were not purchased until after the Microsoft Surface had launched, we can only guess that Barclays looked at and rejected the Surface in favor of the Apple iPad.

Then again it might have all come down to an app. The company plans on using an app called Mortgage Brain that works only on the Apple iPad and is owned by other major banks like Barclays Woolwich, RBS, Virgin Money, Santander, Lloyds TSB and Nationwide. The app checks the market for mor ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 572 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-11-25 | Comments (0)

If you are in the market for a new tablet stand you might be interested in a new design which had started its journey from concept to production over on the Kickstarter website.

The Slope tablet stand is minimalistic aluminium design and is the brainchild of Erik Kittlaus + Dekke. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Slope project and see it in action.

"It’s attractive, it’s minimal, it’s got a small footprint and it’s made of the most desirable materials available. It anchors firmly to the desk while getting your tablet upright and out in front of you at just the right angle and height. And given it’s materials, it feels like a million bucks.”

The Slope ta ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 773 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-11-24 | Comments (0)

iOS device owners who also use Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom, might be interested in a new iSO application which has been developed to enable you to control those software applications from either your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

CTRL+Console has been created by Jeff Chow to help you get the most out of your software without the need to memorise shortcuts, allowing you to immediately start editing faster and easier in Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe. Premiere.

"UX (user experience) is my top priority. As an editor myself, I know that keeping your eyes on the video is not just important, but THE POINT of a good interface. This is where gestures, haptic and audio feedback become im ... Read more »

Category: Apple News | Views: 620 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2012-11-24 | Comments (0)