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Sony is gearing up to launch a their new official PS3 wireless stereo headset on the September 6th. Allowing you to enjoy your PS3 games and in game communication without being tethered to the console.The new PS3 headset is equipped with 7.1 surround sound and uses a small USB dongle to create the Bluetooth connection required to your PS3 console.

The PS3 Wireless headset also provides quick access to microphone controls such as mute and volume control with a simple tap or slide of the finger on the headset. Watch the video after the jump to see a run through of the new PS3 headsets features in action.

The official PS3 stereo headset is equipped with oversized breathable earpads providing you with comfortable gameplay for hours on end, and a retractable mic which can be collapsed when not in use. ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 865 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-23 | Comments (0)

Fancy something a little different for your Xbox Live Avatar to wear? Well a new Robocop themed avatar suit

is coming to the Xbox Live Market Place on August 25th giving you a little retro Robocop charm from the 1987

movie. Watch a fan made trailer introducing the latest addition to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace after the jump.

The box Live Avatar Marketplace enables you to customise your avatar up in various tees, purchase robot sidekicks,

even gear up in RoboCop’s full suit of armour! ANyone for a pet Ed-209 robot from the film?

The trailer below a contest-winning creation, by Giant Bomb user MoleyUK.

... Read more »
Category: Gaming News | Views: 670 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-23 | Comments (0)

If you are looking to try a slightly different type of augmented reality game, a new iPad 2 game called Ball invasion might well be worth a look. Ball invasion allows you to interact with your home or surroundings in a totally new way even allowing you to bounce balls off walls within your location for certain aspects of the game.

The objective of Ball Invasion is to shoot balls hiding in the real world, visible only through your iPad2′s camera. However unlike other Augmented Reality games, Ball Invasion doesn’t require any printed or known markers, but tracks the environment around you. Watch the video after the jump to see the game in action and the moves you can perform, such as bouncing balls of walls and objects.

The Ball Invasion iPad 2 game uses your location as the playing field to your game and allows you to use it to your adv ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 871 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-23 | Comments (0)

Razer has released a new promotional trailer reminding gamers that PC gaming is not dead, in the build up to an

announcement Razer will be making on the 26th August 2011. The video is a little cryptic and doesn’t reveal much

about Razer’s impending announcement.  But reaffirms to us that with over 300,000,000 PC gamers worldwide PC

gaming is far from dead, as some thought would happen when gaming consoles first landed. Watch the brief video

after the jump.

More information will be published over on the PC Gaming is not Dead website, when Razer unveils

it announcement on the 26th August. Which could be for the Razer Switchblade. As always we will keep you posted.

Razer has rel ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 737 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-23 | Comments (0)

If you are looking forward to the highly anticipated release of the new Gears Of War 3 game. You will be pleased to

know that the game development has now advanced from its beta stage to GOLD! Epic has also released a 2.30 min

trailer showing the opening cinematic of the Gears Of War 3 to wet your appetite even further in the build up to its

launch date just under a month away.

Gears of War 3 will be launching on September 20th 2011 and has already notched up over one million pre-orders,

and will be the final game in the current story line. The new game will include four-player co-op modes for the first

time in the series, together with a fully controllable mech suit, called "Silverback”, that will be available for use in

certain parts of ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 762 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-22 | Comments (0)

Last December Thrustmaster launched one of the coolest racing wheels in its line up for the PS3 called the T500 RS racing wheel. The one major thing that wheel lacked when it launched was a gear shifter, which the high-end Logitech wheels offer. Thrustmaster has now launched a shifter just for that racing wheel.

The shifter is called the TH8 RS and it has two modes it will operate in. It can be put into a sequential mode where the user can push up and down to shift. It also has a gated shift mode with seven gears and reverse that the driver can use.

The shifter has a clamp on the bottom that will hold it to a desk or table from 1 to 55mm thick. It also has screw-in threads for mounting to racing cockpits. The shifter will be available in October and only works with the PS3 and compatible games.

Category: Gaming News | Views: 686 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-21 | Comments (0)

If you are an avid Portal 2 fan you will be pleased to know that Valve has confirmed their new Portal 2 DLC content hasn’t been delayed and will be arriving around the middle of September.

The new Portal 2 DLC add-on pack which was first announced in April will include new maps, leader boards, and challenge modes for single and multiplayer options.

The DLC was initially expected for a summer release but in an interview with the Kotaku website, Valve’s Doug Lombardi  says that the September launch is still technically summer.

When the new Portal 2 DLC finally lands it September it will be free to download.

Source: Kotaku

Category: Gaming News | Views: 757 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-19 | Comments (0)

Whether EA’s Origin is just a show of strength to open up a new revenue stream by prying DLC from Steam’s clutches or an earnest attempt at chipping away a few flakes off Valve’s granite foothold in the PC digital delivery market, the relationship between the two companies is growing… tense. Valve bossman Gabe Newell, however, seems to believe there’s still hope for a reconciliation, despite Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 not putting in a Steam appearance.

"I think with any developer, the onus is on us to show them we have value, that we’re creating a set of services and capabilities and bringing an audience to them,” he said. "We want to do a good job showing EA that we have value on Steam. We’ll try to work hard with them.” Oh, there’s no doubt in our minds Valve and EA will be working each other hard.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 677 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-19 | Comments (0)

All that thought Blizzard was putting into a console incarnation of the world’s poorliest categorized action game with RPG elements? Nothing, compared to the push it’s going to get from now on. Gamescom, home of a million revelations and all of them about video games, can add another notch to it belt.

"Today, we’re trying to build the best console team at Blizzard. We’re looking for programmers, designers and artists who think their dream job would be to bring Diablo to the console.” Know who that is, talking? That’s Diablo III lead designer Josh Mosqueira and he doesn’t sound like he’s taking any prisoners on this. Also, Blizzard, while you’re at it, why not a team to polish off that Ghost code you’ve got kicking around seeing how you’re in a fan fantasy fulfilling mood and everything.

Source ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 745 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-19 | Comments (0)

If you have been waiting for the RAGE Facebook page to reach 100,000 likes to enable RAGE as a free download on iOS devices. You will be pleased to know 100,000 likes has now been reached and the RAGE iOS game is now available to download free for a week.

At the beginning of August id Software launched their RAGE game on to the iPad and recompiled especially for iOS4 providing improved compatibility and 1080p HDMI TV Output. Allowing you to connect your iPad and  play Rage HD on your big screen TV.

RAGE features Game Center support together with leader boards, achievements and Museum Mode as well as supporting gyroscope controls. So don’t delay jump over to the Appstore to download your copy of Rage and  ... Read more »

Category: Gaming News | Views: 803 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-08-19 | Comments (0)