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Google has this week rolled out their new Google Chrome 14 browser to the stable channel which brings a number of new features including a new Native Client, Web Audio API enabling rich audio processing in Web applications and enhancements for Apple’s New OS X Lion.

The new Natice Client (NaCl) framework support will now allow developers to to securely run C and C++ code inside the web browser. NaCl has been present in earlier version of Chrome but has been behind a flag.

The new version now enables it by default, but currently only works with content loaded from the Chrome Web Store. But Google have stated that this will be lifted in the future to allow content from other sources.

New OS X Lion features include brings compatibility with Lion’s full screen feature togethe ... Read more »

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Google announced their new Google Wallet service back in May, and now it would appear that Google is getting ready to launch Google Wallet and the payment service could possibly launch today, the 19th of September.

Google has apparently been sending out documents, which state that the Google Wallet will launch on the Sprint Nexus S from the 19th of September, you can see this in the 2nd photo below.

It looks like the service will be limited at launch to the Google Nexus S on Sprint, but is expected to be rolled out to other networks shortly, which would include those which carry the new Google Nexus Prime smartphone which is expected to launch next month.

Source Geek

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Google has today launched a new programming language called Dart for "structured web programming.” Unfortunately there aren’t many technical details about the new Dart programming language as yet. But the brand-new language will be discussed by tech lead manager Lars Bak and Google software engineer Gilad Bracha at the Goto international software development conference next month on October 10th.

Google describes its new Dart programming language as a "fast, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language”

Rumours were started a few weeks ago about Dart when Google started registering domain names that included the word Dart. But it was initially thought that the domain may be linked to one of Google’s advertising platforms which is called Dart.

... Read more »

Category: Google techno | Views: 675 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-09-10 | Comments (0)

Google has today started rolling out their new encrypted search feature to some chrome users, enabling them to have end-to-end encrypted searches between their computer and Google search.

The encrypted search service has been available for some time in beta by visiting a specific URL but its the first time Google has started redirecting users directly to the new secure search page. Using the new SSL search helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third parties.

Google explains:

"running an experiment with some percentage of Chrome 14 users where we send them to SSL search. The experience is meant to be completely comparable feature-wise to non-SSL search. It is independent of the Chrome 14 installation.”

Source: ... Read more »

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If you are a Google+ social network user and would like to be kept updated on whats happening within your Google+ stream. A new Windows 7 gadget has been created by Kalamon Software that will allow you to add your Google+ stream to your Windows desktop with ease.

Once installed and your logged in you can then let the G+7 software keep you updated at all times and because it is a Windows 7 gadget you can move it around your desktop to suit your needs.

If you see something of interest in your stream simply click it to bring it up in a new window to the side as above, then click it again if you need to open it in a browser.

G+7 is now free to download and available to all Window 7 users, from the Kalamon Software website.

Source: ... Read more »

Category: Google techno | Views: 564 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-09-08 | Comments (0)

Google’s announced its new Google Offers beta service has now rolled out to 5 more cities across the US including Austin, Boston, D.C., Denver and Seattle.

If you have not heard of Google Offers before its a new service that enables Google to publish deals that are localised to US geographic locations. The service currently in its beta development stage was started after Google’s attempt to purchase Groupon an existing offer and deal service failed.

Users who signup of for the new local services receive a daily email with a deal of the day, surprisingly in a similar in a vein to Groupon. But unlike Groupon, an offer on Google Offers is valid regardless of how many people take it.

You can also find and buy Google Offers from all eight regions that are currently part of this trial in the& ... Read more »

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Google has today announced via its "Data Liberation Front” team thats its now provided Google Voice users

the ability to export Google Voice data from its service, using the Google Takeout service.

 Watch the brief presentation video announcing the new data export feature for

Google Voice after the break.

Google Takeout has been created by Google to enable users to extract and backup data from its


and was created by a team of Google engineers named the Data Liberation Front, who have been

tasked with the mission to help create ways that users can export data from Google services.

You can find out more information regardin ... Read more »

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Google’s South Korean offices based in Seoul have today been raided by the Korean Fair Trade Commission. The exact reasons for the raid are still unknown at the moment but its thought they are linked to alleged antitrust violations.

Complaints were filed back in April by NHN Corp and Daum Communications Corp with antitrust regulators, stating that Android smartphones have Google’s search engine installed as a default navigation tool and are "systematically designed” to make it virtually impossible to switch to another option

Google has issued the following statement:

"We will work with the KFTC to address any questions they may have about our business,” – "Android is an open platform, and carrier and OEM partners are free to decide which applications and services to include on their Android phones. We do not require ca ... Read more »

Category: Google techno | Views: 504 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-09-07 | Comments (0)

The LG Optimus 3D is one of the first smartphones to be released with a 3D  glasses 3D display, and it looks like LG are working on a new version which will be announced in 2012.

The guys over at Pocket Lint have been taking to LG’s Dr Henry Noh, who was one of the developers of the LG Optimus 3D, and he is apparently working on the new LG Optimus 3D.

According to the report LG are looking to make the new LG Optimus 3D much slimmer than the existing model, and are hoping to launch it in 2012.

Unfortunately there are no specifications as yet, as soon as we get some more information on the new LG Optimus 3D 2 we will let you guys know.

Source Pocket Lint

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Category: Google techno | Views: 554 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-09-06 | Comments (0)

Google engineer Ari Gilder decided to propose to his girlfriend Faigy, although he didn’t take the traditional route with a candlelit dinner, instead he devised a unique way to propose using Google Maps and an Android smartphone.

Ari arrange for Faigy’s boss to give her a Nexus One smartphone preloaded with Google Maps, he then sent his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt around New York City, and she had to visit various places around New York, at each one she was asked a new question.

I recently decided to propose to my girlfriend, Faigy. I knew I wanted to do something meaningful and —yes—a little over the top, so I decided to put my software engineering skills to work to create the ultimate romantic scavenger hunt. On the road to "The Big Question,” I wanted Faigy to visit places around New York City that were filled with memories of our relationship. My plan w ... Read more »

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