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This week Google has a announced that its will be closing 10 of its experimental services including Aardvark the start-up created by ex-Googlers and acquired by Google back in February 2010. Other services to be closed include Google Desktop which will closing on September 14th and Google Maps API for Flash.

Other closures include Google Fast Flip which was started to help pioneer news content browsing and reading experiences for the web and mobile devices, together with Google Pack, Google Web Security and Google Notebook. You can view a full list of all ten experimental services that Google is closing the doors on over on the Google Blog post.

Google explains that developers working on the projects will be moved over to work on ... Read more »

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On Friday we heard a rumor that Google TV would be launching in the UK some time within the next six months, and now Google’s Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Google TV will launch in the UK in early 2012.

Google has said that the UK version of Google TV will feature content from popular on demand services like the BBC’s iPlayer and the ITV player, with more services being added before the launch.

Google TV hasn’t exactly been that popular in the US, with many manufacturers of Google TV devices dropping the price of their hardware including Logitech and Sony, it will be interesting to see if Google can make Google TV popular here in the UK and Europe.

Source Reuters

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Google offers some insight behind the infamously unknown inner workings of Search.

It’s extremely rare that Google gives us a look at what’s behind the curtain over at Search. Given its secure grip over the platform, it’s entirely justified why there’s so much skepticism regarding its tactics. With nearly no explanation and sometimes little justification, Google can entirely revolutionize the way Internet search retrieves your results. It’s a major frustration for Web properties and eyebrow-lifting concern for consumers.

Its Panda update (versions one and two) were downright destructive and to a degree ineffective. Google’s been continuing to crank out adjustments (500 in the last year) and is (relatively) happy to keep us updated of this progress – but algorithm insights are far and few between. Obviously Google can’t reveal all of these secrets: SEO experts and spammers would b ... Read more »

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Google has released some new software for its Google TV, in the form of the Android add on SDK for Google TV, which will allow developers to port their existing applications to Google TV and also create new ones.

When Google releases Honeycomb for Google TV, you will be able to use applications on your Google TV device just the way you do on your Android smartphone or tablet.

At Google I/O, we announced that Android Market is coming to Google TV. Today, we are excited to announce a preview of the Google TV add-on for the Android SDK. With the upcoming OS update to Honeycomb, Google TV devices will be Android compatible. That means developers can build great new Android apps for TV, optimize existing mobile or tablet apps for TV, and distribute those apps through Android Market.

Google is obviously hoping that bringing applications to Google TV will boost th ... Read more »

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Facebook has just rolled out a large update changing the way its user privacy setting are controlled, together with some new features that every Facebook user should be aware of. The latest update brings large amount of tweaks to the privacy settings but the major changes include: Inline Profile controls, Profile Tag Review, Content Tag Review, View Profile As, Inline Sharing Controls and Tag anyone.

The new update now include a feature for users who are tagged in a post, within a photograph or video, to now have the option to confirm or remove their identity before it appears on their profile. To help user understand the major changes a little better Facebook has released a video demonstrating the new update to their privacy settings which can be viewed after the jump.

Inline Profile controls: Content ... Read more »

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It’s hardly a theory and the only guys testing if it were possible are running models in Mexico. See, the idea goes that in the darkness of our past when bacteria enjoyed dominion over a malformed world, particles broke off or were convulsed out of the Earth’s crust, sending them to the stars. What happened next? Read more after the jump.

Based on simulations at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, thousands of particles ‘ejected’ from Earth have reached Mars and beyond. (Remember: according to the simulation.) Of course, this is essentially toying with an unproven scenario, but the scientists involved are encouraged by the results so far.


What they ultimately want to find out is if such a phenomenon as Earth-based comets did exist, the question remains if it somehow brought microbial life on our planet elsewhere. At the rate they’re going, it will take some time befo ... Read more »

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Google is not content with just adding streets and buildings to their Street View they are now also planning an expedition in to the heart of the Amazon to capture 360 degree images of some of the regions most remote locations, for the world to explore from the comfort of their computer chairs.

The new project is a joint initiative between Google and the non-profit group Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS) and will involve the teams winding their way down both the Amazon River and the Rio Negro River in northwest Brazil.

The project is aimed to help the FAS  show the world :

"not only the environment and the way of life of the traditional population, but to sensitize the world to the challenges of climate change, deforestation and combating poverty,” 

said Gabriel Ribenboim ... Read more »

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When the acquisition of Motorola by Google completes Google will have added around 17,000 patent plus 7,500 pending applications to its armoury of patents. But Bloomberg is reporting just 18 of these patents could be worth the $12.5 billion Google is paying for Motorola.

David Mixon, a patent lawyer at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings in Huntsville, Alabama calculated, that out of all the patents Google will receive. There are inventions dating back to 1994 which form the heart of three Motorola lawsuits against Apple, and could really be the star patents in the haul for Google.

The 18 patents cover areas that are essential to the mobile-device industry, including : location services, antenna designs, e-mail transmission, touch- screen motions, software-application management and third- generatio ... Read more »

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Google has today added a new weather layer to its Google Maps service, making it even easier to see the weather

conditions and temperatures around the globe. To view the new weather layer on Google Maps, move your mouse to

the top right hand corner of Google Maps and select the new weather layer from the list of options.

Once enabled by clicking on one of the city weather icons, a forecast for the next four days will be revealed together

with extra information on the current humidity and wind conditions. Watch a quick video by Google showing their new

weather layer in action after the jump.

The new layer also allows you to tweak the wind speed units choosing between Mph/KMph/Mps and either F or C

temperature. You can also enable or disable the cloud graphics that appe ... Read more »

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It looks like Acer is getting ready to launch a new Ultrabook notebook in an attempt to take on Apple’s MacBook Air, the Acer Aspire 3951, which shares a similar size and dimensions to Apple’s MacBook Air.

The Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook is expected to launch in October, and it will measure 13mm thick and weigh in at just 1.4 KG, as you can see from the photos is features an aluminum casing and an ultra thin design.

Other specifications include a second generation Intel Core processor, an optional 160GB SSD, up to six hours of battery life,it is expected to go on sale in October and will cost somewhere between $770 and $960.     

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