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After first introducing their new Google Go programming language over two years ago, Google has now announced that it will now be launching Google GO 1.0 in early 2012. The new Google Go will become part of the Google App Engine service when it comes out of its ‘experimental status’.

Google Go has been designed by Google to provide a lower level programming language thats aimed at controlling the power of power of multicore processors using methods of "garbage collection” popularised by Java and used to free up valuable resources that program have finished with.

Andrew Gerrand, Google’s Go developer advocate explains: "The plan is to launch Go 1 in early 2012. We hope to bring the Go App Engine runtime out of ‘experimental’ status at the same time,” 

More information about the new Google Go programming language ... Read more »

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Google’s Music service has been in beta since last May, and Google has now opened Google Music to everyone and also added in a range of new features which include their own music store.

First up is the Google Music service, which will let you store up to 20,000 of your own tracks in the cloud and then stream them to any device, and Google Music will automatically sync all your music across all your devices.

The major new announcement for Google Music is the launch of a new Google Music Store on the Android Market, and the store offers over 13 million tracks from a wide range of artists, and music labels which include Universal Music Group, Sony Music and EMI, plus around another 1,000 independent labels.

Tracks in the Google Music Store will range form $0.99 to $1.29, a similar price to Apple’s iTunes, and the service is available in the US now, we presume Google is in talks w ... Read more »

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The New York Times ran an interesting piece last Sunday about a secretive location in the Bay Area. Turns out to be the mysterious X Lab run by Google. It’s so secret, that irony of ironies, the very story that introduced it to the public imagination merely hinted at what goes on inside. It’s a cool read though. According to the collaborative duo Clair Cain Miller and Nick Bilton, the Google X Lab does stuff so far out it’s almost hard to believe. Plus: Robots!

So maybe the robot part will further convince the paranoiacs out there that Google is a real life Sky Net. Relax…it’s just a harmless search engine. (Not.)

Here’s a teaser from the two page scoop:

A Google spokeswoman, Jill Hazelbaker, declined to comment on the lab, but said that investing in speculative projects was an important part of Google’s DNA. "While the possibilities are inc ... Read more »

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Google has this week rolled out a new update for its Chrome OS which now allows users to play a little more friendly with the latest Microsoft Windows Operating systems, thanks to the added NTFS support.

Chrome version 15.0.874.117, Platform version: 1011.118 now support NTFS and includes a number of other features such as a new Web user interface login, additional support for playback of key media codecs and improved video decode performance.

Together with improved networking tweaks as well as plenty of security update and bug fixes, for more details on all the new features and tweaks included in the update jump over to the Google Chrome OS site.

Source: Google

Category: Google techno | Views: 856 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-11-12 | Comments (0)

As with a number of its other services Google has now announced the closure of its Android App Inventor. A tool that was created by Google to enable anyone to be able to create Android apps with no programming skills.

Unfortunately Google has now notified all its users via email that the service will now be closing on December 31st and all user data will be deleted from Google’s Servers. So if you have projects that you would like to keep login to your App Inventor account and hit the "Download all projects” button to receive a handy zip file. with all your projects.

The Google email read:

Dear App Inventor User,

As we announced on the App Inventor Announcement Forum, Google will end support for App Inventor on December 31, 2011, after which data in will not be accessible and will be de ... Read more »

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Google has announced this week that it will soon be rolling out Google+ integration for users of its Blogger service. When you log in to Blogger  in draft mode at the top a new message is shown stating "Connect Blogger to Google+”. However Google says they are now rolling the integration out to all regular Blogger user interfaces within the next couple of weeks.

Once connected your Blogger posts will automatically trigger Google+ posts, the new features will also synchronise  Blogger/Google+ comments. Their will also be a few casualties in the process and the Friend Connect feature will be discontinued and obviously replaced by Google+.

Note Google explains:  "If you blog under a pseudonym and do not want your blog to be associated with your real name, you should not ... Read more »

Category: Google techno | Views: 884 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-10-25 | Comments (0)

Next week Google is has announced that it will be rolling out a new revamp of its RSS Reader application which will bring with it closer Google+ integration. New features in the update will include a brand-new user interface design together with tools that will link Reader and Google+, allowing you to share your favourite feeds with your friends and followers in your Google+.

In the same vein many of the social features currently within Google’s Reader application will also be made available via Google+. So when they update lands sometime next week existing features like friending, following and shared link blogs currently within the Google Reader application will be removed.

Google understands that some users may not like the new changes, additions and cross-linking between the two applications, and has made available data export tools that allow you to take your subscr ... Read more »

Category: Google techno | Views: 1024 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-10-22 | Comments (0)

This week its been unofficially reported by statistician Paul Allen that Google+ may now have passed the 43 million user mark. Allen the founder of the uses a unique method of estimating the number of users currently within the Google+ ranks by using uncommon user names.

In the past Allen’s predictions have proved very accurate, and he reports there were approximately 37.8 million users on Google+ as of this morning, up from 28.7 13 days ago.

Allen has upped his estimates to 43 million to account for non-Roman surnames, as well as private user profiles, both of which are overlooked by his surname counting model. Here is a quick list of previous estimates by Allen:

  • July 4th – 1.7 million users
  • July 9th – 4.5 million users
  • July 12 – 10 million users
  • September 9th – 28.7 million users
  • S ... Read more »
Category: Google techno | Views: 626 | Added by: riyaraj | Date: 2011-09-23 | Comments (0)

Yesterday we heard that Google were getting ready to launch their new NFC based payment system, Google Wallet, it is now official and as we reported previously Google wallet will be available with the Sprint Nexus S 4G.

The service works with a Citi Mastercard or a Google Prepaid Card, the Google Prepaid Card can be funded using any existing credit card, and Google has also announced that other companies including Visa, Discover and American Express are looking to join the service in the future.

We’ve been testing it extensively, and today we’re releasing the first version of the app to Sprint. That means we’re beginning to roll out Google Wallet to all Sprint Nexus S 4G phones through an over-the-air update.

You can find out more information about Google Wallet over at the ... Read more »

Category: Google techno | Views: 569 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-09-20 | Comments (0)

We heard earlier that Google is expected to roll out its new Google Wallet service some time today, this has yet to be confirmed by Google, but more evidence has appeared which points to the imminent launch of Google Wallet.

The photo below was taken by Ian Kennedy from GigaOm at a Peet’s Coffee shop in San Francisco, and you can clearly see that one of the payment options is Google Wallet.

We can probably expect some sort of official announcement from Google later today as we heard earlier.

Source GigaOM

Image Credit Ian Kennedy / GigaOM

Category: Google techno | Views: 565 | Added by: amitguruji | Date: 2011-09-19 | Comments (0)