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Main » 2011 » September » 22 » UK Scientist Wants Astroboy To Carry 2012 Olympic Flame
1:31 AM
UK Scientist Wants Astroboy To Carry 2012 Olympic Flame

According to a Dr. James Law, Astroboy iCub should carry the Olympic torch in 2012. Not all the way, but participate in the process. Of course all he really did was submit the iCub’s candidacy. There’s no way of telling if a robot can participate in such a high profile event.

Oh yes, iCub? It’s a metallic toddler designed to learn from its environment the way a baby does. To be honest, it scares us. it’s those eyes. That face. Chucky???

Dr. Law (cool name) is a computer science professor over at Aberystwyrth and he thinks making a robot participate in the torch ceremony honors a certain Alan Turing. In doing so, it should serve to inspire generations of nerds scientists and engineers to come. Wait, Alan Turing? Sound familiar?

He’s the WW2 codebreaker and computer science whiz who created the algorithms from which programming language is based. He’s been featured before here in Geeky Gadgets.

The Apple logo? Persecuted for his homosexuality, Alan Turing killed himself y biting into a poisoned apple.


Source Aberystwyth University

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