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The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite that has been befuddling NASA scientists with its unpredictable reentry path has finally fallen back to Earth. We... just don't know where yet exactly. But you're safe to look up now.

According to NASA, the satellite penetrated the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean between 11:23 p.m. and 1:09 a.m. last night, making it likely that it's floating out in open water somewhere. As expected, most of the 20-year-old, 12,500 pound satellite probably burned up upon reentry. It's a wonderful the send off, too. The UARS was launched in September 1991 as part of a mission with the just-decommissioned Space Shuttle Discovery. It measured ozone and chemical levels in our atmosphere until 2005, when the Bush administration pulled the plug on it.

And now it's home. It must have been quite the light show. [NASA vi ... Read more »

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NASA has confirmed that the decommissioned UARS weather satellite re-entered the Earth's atmosphere somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. There are no reports of it landing on anyone.

The decommissioned UARS weather satellite has landed – albeit in a number of pieces.

Speaking to BBC radio at 4am ET, NASA spokesman Steve Cole said the satellite had re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere "somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.” The precise location is not yet known.

NASA posted a message on its Twitter feed at 3.30am ET saying: "We can now confirm that #UARS is down! Debris fell to Earth between 11:23 p.m. EDT Friday, Sept. 23, and 1:09 a.m. EDT Sept. 24.”

There had been reports of parts of it landing in Okotoks, a town south of Calgary in western Canada, but these are unconfirmed.

Up to now there are no reports of it landing on anyone. That’s good news. Statisticians had sa ... Read more »

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f the experience leaves you traumatized, don’t complain of not having been warned. So what’s this website? It’s a gaming experience that will mess with your mind. As its name suggests, the interface lets you draw a stick figure then–how about just go visit the site and discover its wonders?

The illustration above is already quite a revelation. Anyway, if you still don’t want it to be spoiled, then by all means give it a go.

If you’re just plain curious (spoiler alert!), here’s what happens when you take on

First, simple instructions compel you to draw a stick figure (or any shape) with your cursor. Long story short, there’s a box, a balloon, a dragon, and a couple of sharks.

Weird? it will mess on your grip with reality. What’s the point? Something to do with being creative.

So yeah, if you’re really bored and craving di ... Read more »

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