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In an interview with Wired Activision has unveiled that they will be making regular updates to their Call Of Duty franchise, every couple of weeks, and might be adding new missions or spec-op modes instead of just multiplayer maps with each update. Activision is hoping to create a persistent world for its players, one that is both constantly evolving and perpetually played, explained Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

The new updates will help the new Call of Duty Elite subscription service become even more popular its hoped. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explains:

"The idea of giving people constant incremental playable content and making it so you’re never more than a few weeks away from the next new experience within the Call of Duty universe is part of what we’re experimenting with,”

"One of the things that was most appealing ... Read more »

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Players of the new Battlefield 3 game might be interested to learn the developers of Battlefield 3 DICE, are looking to make a few adjustments to weapon accessories within the game to bring them back in line with each other.

An in-depth post has been published on Reddit explaining what the developers are hoping to achieve and which weapons accessories will be receiving the tweaks and adjustments.

Alan "Demize99″ Kertz explains :

"I’m working on a retweak of the accessories in the game currently, as I feel the player is limited in choice due to a few accessories being the clear winners in almost all categories. While this unfortunately means nerfing those that are over used, the goal here is to focus on improving the under performing and under used attachments. Additionally it is the intention for an unmodified weapon to offer the best ... Read more »

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