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Within the next week Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is projected to reach 10 million in sales within the next week – making it Samsung’s fastest-selling device ever. It’s previous fastest-selling device was the Galaxy S3, which sold 10 million within 54 days. If the S4’s progress continues, it’ll almost cut the Galaxy S3’s time in half!

The Galaxy S4 went on sale on April 26th and has since been flying off the shelves. It’s so popular that Google has decided to ally with Samsung to create a Google Edition of the S4 that will allow users to make use of the Android Jelly Bean instead of TouchWiz. It’ll pretty much turn the device into an unofficial Nexus.

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When I first heard about Google Glass, I thought it was a great technological advancement. However, being one of the millions who wear glasses and American to boot, I found myself instantly wanting more.

While the idea was neat, the thought of wearing Glass in addition to my glasses was rather off-putting. If only Glass could be integrated with my prescription, or at least offer a prescription-based version…

Google I/O brought just that! On the show floor was ... Read more »

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Did you know there have been four different Mars rovers to touchdown and drive along the surface of Mars since 1997? All four belong to NASA and include – in order of oldest to newest – the Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity.

Curiosity has been getting the brunt of the attention after finding strong signs that life may have once existed on Mars, but Opportunity recently hit a monumental point by breaking the record for the longest NASA drive off Earth.

Opportunity has driven a total of 35.76 kilometers along the surface of Mars – much more than Curiosity’s measl ... Read more »

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