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Main » 2012 » October » 22 » Awesome NASA Simulation Reveals Galaxies Entire History (video)
11:05 PM
Awesome NASA Simulation Reveals Galaxies Entire History (video)

NASA has created and released an awesome two minute video detailing what goes on in the life of a single disk Galaxy from the the Big Bang 13.5 billion years ago right up to our present day.

The hypnotic NASA video ran on the Pleiades supercomputer at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field California, and required 1 million processor hours to construct.

"Colors indicate old stars (red), young stars (white and bright blue) and the distribution of gas density (pale blue); the view is 300,000 light-years across. It assumes a universe dominated by dark energy and dark matter.” Video by F. Governato, T. Quinn, A. Brooks and J. Wadsley

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