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Main » 2011 » August » 27 » Google Search gives us a glimpse at how it adjusts its algorithm
1:30 AM
Google Search gives us a glimpse at how it adjusts its algorithm

Google offers some insight behind the infamously unknown inner workings of Search.

It’s extremely rare that Google gives us a look at what’s behind the curtain over at Search. Given its secure grip over the platform, it’s entirely justified why there’s so much skepticism regarding its tactics. With nearly no explanation and sometimes little justification, Google can entirely revolutionize the way Internet search retrieves your results. It’s a major frustration for Web properties and eyebrow-lifting concern for consumers.

Its Panda update (versions one and two) were downright destructive and to a degree ineffective. Google’s been continuing to crank out adjustments (500 in the last year) and is (relatively) happy to keep us updated of this progress – but algorithm insights are far and few between. Obviously Google can’t reveal all of these secrets: SEO experts and spammers would be all-too happy to exploit such information. And who could blame them? Whether Websites admit it or not, we’re all scrambling to figure out how to improve Page rank.

Given all this, we’re pleasantly surprised by some of the information Google’s revealing via its Inside Search blog. It’s probably not going to help you hit the number one result spot on Google Search, but the engineers are fairly frank about their updating process. Sure, it’s full of self-promotion asserting Google’s devote to its users, but we still appreciate even such a brief look inside what’s such a secretive procedure.

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