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Main » 2013 » May » 2 » Google Glasses Bulletproof App Offers Added Security (video)
12:58 PM
Google Glasses Bulletproof App Offers Added Security (video)

Since Google started shipping out their new Google Glasses Explorer editions to lucky winners of its Google Glass Project competition and who also had $1500 handy.

More and more aspects and functions of the Google Glasses have been coming to light, however one feature that seems to be lacking from the Google Glasses eyewear is security features.

Now Google Glasses user Mike DiGiovanni has developed a new application called Bulletproof for the eyewear that will automatically lock the device when it is removed from your face. Allowing you to re-activate your Google Glasses using a combination of taps and strokes on the Glass touch interface. Watch the very quick video below to see a glimpse of the new Bulletproof app in action.

"Don’t worry about a co-worker grabbing Glass off your desk and being able to read your personal notifications. It might even save your personal data if someone yanks it off your head. Bulletproof lock screen for Google Glass knows when it’s off your head and locks the device only at that point.” 

It’s a terrible video in the wrong orientation of a choppy Glass screencast being recorded choppily via ADB. Sorry.”

Source: Engadget : SlashGear : Mike DiGiovanni

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